Samedi 29 Game

Unleash your creativity

All guns blazing!

Soar above all types of terrain – from rocks to mud – and enjoy your freedom, feel the flow...
Become one with the elements – earth, fire, air and water – all at once!

Straight or winding tracks, extreme terrains, steep slopes, up or downhill, speed, dedication... Racing or leisurely biking with friends,

our Samedi 29 Game only has one thing in mind: unleashing your creativity on the exhilarating and uncompromising playground that is the mountain!

Be creative with your lines, your jumps and your drifts!
Attack, descend, climb.

Highly acclaimed by the bike press, our Samedi 29 Game is based on years of experience – yours, ours and that of our team riders.

Ultra-efficient on any slope, excelling on descents and devouring the climbs!
Dependable and efficient, it remains confident even on the most difficult terrains and at high speed.
This smiling machine will go that extra mile for you but is also the go-to for more chilled rides.

Samedi 29 Game intensifies your fun, leaving you smiling from ear to ear.
It’s up to you to unleash your creativity ;-{D

All guns blazing

Get ready for the ride of your life! The Moustache Magic Grip Control suspension or the Fox Float X suspension absorbs your complacency, allowing you to face even the most infernal conditions and the most chaotic terrains with confidence and peace of mind, all thanks to its 160 mm of travel.

Get fired up! And push your limits with the Bosch Performance Line CX motor, THE industry benchmark with its fiery temperament! With up to 85 Nm of torque over an even wider range, an optimised eMTB mode and extended boost function, it amplifies your power, allowing you to make light work of even the most difficult climbs.

And if you get a bit too fired up... The four-piston Shimano brakes coupled with 203 mm discs will help you to keep your cool ;-{D

Get a grip
on rocky or muddy terrain.

Magic Grip Control is the shock you need if versatility, ease of use and adjustment are your priorities. Just as effective on descents as on climbs, it gives you the impression that an invisible hand is pushing at your back, while providing exceptional traction. It's sure to support you when you're out and about, whatever the direction of the slope! ;-{D

With its large volume of oil and Fox's hydraulic stop technology, it has been developed to offer maximum efficiency and constant operation for the longest runs and the roughest tracks.
If you're a fan of extreme downhill runs, aerial tricks, speed and adrenalin, Fox Float X is for you!

The Fox, RockShox or Marzocchi forks on our Game bikes are custom tuned to work in concert with our rear shock and keep your wheels on the ground.

And last but not least, our Moustache wheels devour obstacles with ease thanks to our 29” Just_Moustache rims! Asymmetrical to maintain the balance of the spokes, reinforced for greater durability, these wheels are begging you to go even harder! Our Maxxis Assesgai 2.50” tyres guarantee grip, providing unparalleled bite on all surfaces!

like a stream

...floating over rocks and roots, and rushing uphill just as fast as it came down – well, almost.

A calm stream or a turbulent river... A magical torrent full of life that draws its energy from our aluminum 6061T6 frame. Its tubes are shaped by water pressure, offering fluid lines as well as the perfect balance of stiffness and durability! And it’s also infinitely recyclable so the source never runs dry!

The geometry of the bike has been specially designed to reach even the most difficult places with agility and precision.It is also easy to handle so you are free to choose straight or winding trails, faster or slower – like a stream flowing through the mountains.

The riding position is balanced and just the right height, drawing on a straightened saddle angle, a wide handlebar and a short stem to zip up the steepest slopes with confidence!

Go from one bend to another intuitively thanks to the new eBike Flow applicationthat boasts four customisable assistance modes that really gel with your ride!

as a bird!

Catch some air! But stay in control with a low centre of gravity.
The frame’s geometry, the distribution of the working weight and the centre of gravity lowered to its minimum, all combine to offer you the perfect balance, whether you’re simply resting on the ground or soaring through the air. Thanks to our engineers who redesigned the battery and the Bosch motor mounts to save every millimetre possible.

Withits 625 or 750 Wh battery and unparalleled autonomy, you can climb even the highest summits... before soaring back down and doing it all again... and again!

Defy gravity and cycle, climb and hurtle down the hills to your heart’s content. Samedi 29 Game is recognised as THE benchmark for climbing and soaring down hills.
Feel the freedom, hit the heights, have fun, fill your lungs with fresh air – and do it all with a smile on your face ;-{D

Which GAME is made for you?

A $ 11,700
  • Color(s)

  • Motor / battery

    Bosch Performance Line CX / PowerTube 625Wh or 750Wh / Smart System

  • Display

    Bosch Kiox / LED Remote

  • Autonomy

    Up to 129km

  • Fork

    FOX, Float 38 Performance

  • Rear shock

    Moustache Magic Grip Control or Fox Float X Performance

  • Drivetrain

    Shimano XT, 12-speed

  • Brakes

    Shimano, XT BR-M8120, hydraulic disc brake, 4 pistons



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