The ultimate automatic mode to munch up more kilometers!

MAGIC TOUR is born from a dream, that of going further, longer, and offering a natural and sporty performance. It was conceived in order that riders will no longer need or want to change between modes, whilst being capable of climbing everywhere and having exactly the right assistance at the right moment!

In this MAGIC TOUR mode we find our 10 years of experience spent riding, testing, developing, creating and reinventing E-MTBs.

The Bosch eMTB mode for the Performance CX has become THE reference in E-MTB riding over the last 4 years: the assistance provided adjusts automatically to riders’ needs in an ultra-dynamic way and offers lots of motor function control. The eMTB mode is the ideal companion for fast strong rides, offering an incredible capacity for fun and a performance that’s also amazing!

The new MAGIC TOUR is based on the same innovative Bosch sensors and motor technology, using a different riding philosophy to define the control algorithm. Its thing is the pleasure of munching up kilometers, the satisfaction of a more challenging effort and of an ultra-natural performance. Just like the automatic eMTB mode, it will enable you to climb everywhere without having to change mode, but it will simply ask you to push a little harder or to go more gently, all in the service of improving battery life.

The algorithms have been optimized thanks to the numerous tests carried out by our teams who have spent hours riding, to adjust, to perfect… until they attain the magic combo uniting battery life, capacity for clearing obstacles, performance and fun!!!

On the flat, when you don’t need support, the Magic Tour will give very little assistance and therefore consume little. The energy economized will be provided at the moment when you will need it the most, that’s to say in the climbs or fast accelerations.

During our tests, depending on the conditions, the terrain or the rider, our teams were able to economize on average 15 to 25% more battery life compared to the eMTB mode, and few % more battery life compared to the standard Tour mode ! All that’s needed to lengthen your rides and make the fun last longer !

Your bike always has 4 assistance modes, including the bespoke Moustache MAGIC TOUR mode. The Bosch console will therefore show the modes: Eco, Tour (= MAGIC Tour), eMTB and Turbo.

You’re after maximum battery life?
The ECO mode remains the king of distance!

A long ride, with a smile on your face?
MAGIC TOUR is made for you!!!

A frenzied MTB ride?
You simply need to engage eMTB mode!

Full Power?!!
In Turbo mode it won’t stop pushing you forward!!

The new optimized Moustache MAGIC TOUR mode is installed on all Moustache E-MTB products from the 8th of February 2021.

It is possible to configurate the Magic Tour mode on all Moustache MTBs from Seasons 9 and 10 equipped with the Bosch Performance CX G4 motor with a simple update from your local dealer.

… And yes, it’s MAGIC! ;-{D


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Bosch Technology

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