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How do I adjust my shock?

Shock sag is the first adjustment to be made and this is essential on our mountain bikes! It is also very easy to forget to do this… so here’s how we do it:

If you are alone, stand near a wall (it will help you stay upright at the beginning and the end), but it is best if there are two of you for this process. Of course, you have to be fully kitted up as if you were off for a ride, so that the total weight is your actual weight during use.

1- Inflate the shock to the base pressure corresponding to your weight. It’s easy on our bikes: this corresponds approximately to your weight multiplied by 2 (to find the equivalent in PSI). So if you weigh 75 kg, multiplying that by 2 gives you a pressure of 150 PSI. Easy! ;-{D
Please note that sag is always measured with the shock in the open position!

2- Then climb on your bike, with the saddle low (if you have a dropper seat post, of course), either by holding on to the wall, or with someone else’s help. At this point, you are putting the suspension under rather more strain than just your weight. Sit in the saddle and then raise it up to your usual pedalling position.
Let go of the brakes (these block the operation of the suspension) and shake your handlebars slightly to make sure the suspension is properly locked to the sag corresponding to your weight.

3- Now we come to the complex part of the process, where your balancing talents can be put into practice!
If there are two of you, it’s easy: the other person looks at where the sag-measuring o-ring is in relation to the measurement indicator on the frame. And that’s it!
If you are alone, unfortunately, you will have to slide the o-ring up until it comes into contact with the body of the shock, without shaking the suspension, then manage to get off the bike with the help of the wall (without applying the slightest additional pressure as this could distort the measurement!). Granted, it’s not easy… but it’s doable!

Once off the bike, and if you are sure you have not distorted the measurement, look at where the o-ring is in relation to the indicator.
If you have less sag than the recommended measurement, you will have to remove air using the pump. If you have too much sag, you will have to add more air.

You will find our tuning tips starting on page 19 of the Moustache user manual.

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