OFF (road): to get off the beaten track!

Climb, descend, turn, have fun, or just ride enjoying nature!! The perfect plan for your ride today, tomorrow, the day after....

OFF is a family brimming with personality/ies! Let's start with the turbulent Samedi 26 OFF. It will keep your children entertained, whether they are well-behaved or not, on family trips where an open mind is the order of the day! The Samedi 27 OFF 2 has two frame versions, standard and "Open", in order to open access even wider so more people can discover the joy of riding as a family. As for the Samedi 27 OFF 4, also available in two versions, it is more sporty and muscular with its Bosch Performance Line CX motor, its plus tires, and it's high-performance suspension. Lets finish with the rebel of the family, the Samedi 26 FAT 4 which refuses to be pigeonholed, and its only objective is to explore the world, whether it's icy or hot terrain!

More accessible than ever!

With the Samedi 26 OFF, the Samedi 26 FAT 4, and two models with an "Open" frame, otherwise known as low stand-over, the OFF family is more open than ever! Open to the largest number, to all riding types, gentle family outings or more sporty rides. Open to the world like our Samedi 26 FAT 4. Open to your wildest dreams to give you the greatest enjoyment!

epowered by Bosch

Speccing a motor that's adapted to the intended use is for us both self-evident and our priority. It's why you will find the 50Nm Active Plus motor on the Samedi 26 OFF, that's so well adapted to children and lighter riders. Next up it's the incredibly natural feeling Performance Line with 65Nm, which gives a smile to the Samedi 27 OFF 2 and Open. Finally it's all the power behind the 85Nm torque of the Performance Line CX that pushes forward the Samedi 27 OFF 4 and Samedi 26 FAT 4. 3 motors, 3 personalities, the same faultless reliability!

Dedicated parts

Our frames are the souls of our bikes! But the parts are also important characteristics. This is why they have been developed by our teams or carefully selected from our partners to make a coherent whole! The wheels are the perfect example: exclusive Moustache rims and Maxxis tires work together to ensure the very best riding fun and safety. Our ergonomic saddles also know how to look after sensitive areas very well ;-{D


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