Because every little detail counts

Because every little detail counts and we weren’t fully satisfied with some parts, we developed a range of Moustache accessories that bring that little something extra that makes all the difference when riding.


Our Moustache luggage carriers developped specifically for our bikes offer several mounting systems in order to guarantee compatibility with numerous accessories.


The distinctive feature of this system specially created for urban usage, rests in the fact that the essential components for mounting paniers are found on the bike’s luggage racks. The load is therefore more comfortable to carry since the back of the panier is free from all protuding attachments.
This mounting standard means that you can attach in just one simple move the waterproof Moustache panier that’s made in Germany by Ortlieb.
The 3 QL3 attachments can also be unscrewed very easily in order to adapt and attach any other Ortlieb panier or standard acccessory on your luggage racks.


This system developped by the brand Basil enables you to securely fix MIK compatible accessories in just one click on your luggage rack platform, as well as standard accessories that you can also adapt up to 25 kg .
The comfort of usage, its ease to mount several types of accessories on the bike, and its compatibility with several brands make the MIK system a super ally in your daily travels!


This evolution on our latest luggage racks (Lundi 27 and Weekend 27 FS DUAL EQ) is now approved up to 27 kg, enabling you to install in one click the Urban Iki compatible child carrier, or even to load your mule with any type of luggage ;-{D


At Moustache, we don’t like mudguards… They’re never properly centered, they move all the time, they’re rarely nice to look at… We therefore decided to innovate and create our own mudguards!

The exclusive Moustache mudguards are tubular

The exclusive Moustache mudguards are tubular, therefore very stiff, whilst still being lightweight! And they are concentric with the wheel, which looks a lot better.

Exclusive extrusion profiles

We developed three exclusive extrusion profiles. The bars are lined up then curved to adapt to the wheel circumference.

Simple, but complex ;-{D

A mudguard may seem simple, but this was a very complex development. In any case, the effort was worth it.

Quick-Park stem:

To get extra space with the turn of a hand! You only need a few seconds to turn the handlebar by 90° without using any tools, and thereby gaining 50% more space. Super practical when we need to leave our Friday in a corridor for example!


Press the button on the top of the stem with your thumb. (it is marked “push”)


Open the blockage lever with your fingers.


Ensure you are facing the front wheel and block the wheel between your legs. Then turn the stem by 90°.
Make sure you close the lever.

Moustache kickstand:

All our Moustache (with the exception of the tandem Samedi 27X2 and the Mercredi 12 balance bike ;-{D) bikes benefit from a fixing support for a kickstand.

Fixing support

Fixing support for a kickstand so this option can be easily added if it’s not provided on the factory build.

Specific kickstand for our full-suspension models

This specific Moustache kickstand fits perfectly on our all-suspension models equipped with 27.5″ tires.


Ahhhhhh the famous Moustache handlebar... the basis of everything!


The most important part of a bike is its frame and we therefore pay very special attention to its conception.

Technologie guidon Flexbar

The handlebar that filters vibrations!



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