E-Team Moustache Bikes

Three riders with the same goal:
to give the best of themselves for the 2020 season!

Composed of Olivier Giordanengo, Jérôme Gilloux and Kenny Muller, the e-Team Moustache Bikes will do its utmost to shine
at the national and international eMTB events on their Samedi 27 Trail and Samedi 29 Game.

The Team

After a season 2019 rich in emotions, the focus is already turned to next season!
While the eMTB in competition knows an unprecedented boom, Moustache Bikes is proud to support the team for the second consecutive season. We are even happy to announce that we will intensify our cooperation for 2020 by becoming the main partner of the e-Team!
Even if they are born competitors, their attitude beside the bike, knowing how to remain simple and available, allows Olivier, Kenny and Jérôme to convey a positive image of their sport. Their values, their passion for eMTB and their professionalism make these 3 pilots true ambassadors for the brand but also for eMTB in a broader sense.

Team manager with an exceptional experience in the electric bike since he was one of the pioneers to enter the first eMTB races, Olivier not only has a solid level but also the necessary hindsight that brings professionalism to the team. Co-manager of La Roue Libre bicycle store in Nice, he knows how to highlight his team on the events in which he participates and attaches importance to details, while being available to answer questions from amateurs or people attending the competitions. Olivier not only rides but also organizes eMTB events including the Electro Portes du Mercantour which became legendary since its first edition.
To follow Olivier => Facebook : Olivier Giordanengo / Instagram : @oliviergiordanengo


At only 25 years old, Jérôme Gilloux created the sensation in 2019! While he was little known by the general public, he accomplished a major feat by winning the French eMTB XC Championship ahead of Julien Absalon and finishing Vice World Champion of eMTB XC in Mont Sainte-Anne, Canada. He also allowed himself the luxury of winning the eMTB Enduro French Cup that same year. Jérôme is 100% eMTB focused. He is a true lover of this sport, probably the first of a species destined to grow in the coming years, a species made up of young people who start MTB by the electric side, who seek the playful, technical but also physical side allowed by eMTB, and all this without necessarily going through the regular “muscular cycling”.
To follow Jérôme => Facebook : Jérôme Gilloux / Instagram :  @jeromegilx


Kenny is the third man on the team and it will be his third year riding a Moustache ;-{D A man convinced by eMTB who likes engaged and aggressive tracks. He is also a pilot with a huge fitness and an iron will that nothing stops. The more demanding the terrain, the more comfortable he is! As a sports teacher in life, Kenny carefully listens to his body and to his partners. He has an ability to federate, share and pass on his enthusiasm for eMTB by exchanging with the riders at the events in which he participates.
To follow Kenny => Facebook : Kenny Muller / Instagram:  @muller_kenny


Results of season 2019

While the eMTB is booming and attracts every year more and more high-level riders from muscular mountain biking, the season has been marked by numerous victories and podiums for the e-Team. Jérôme distinguished himself in eMTB XC by becoming French Champion and Vice World Champion of the discipline. Thanks to his regularity, he also won the general classification of the eMTB Enduro French Cup. Kenny and Olivier showed that they were a cohesive team by finishing third in the Tour du Mont-Blanc (Verbier eTMB) in eMTB, a race of more than 300km around the highest mountain in Europe. They have also been on the podium many times this season during the various events in which they participated.

The e-Team's success in 2019:

– Jérôme Gilloux eMTB XC French Champion 2019
– Jérôme Gilloux eMTB XC Vice World Champion 2019
– Jérôme Gilloux winner of the General of the eMTB Enduro French Cup 2019
– Jérôme Gilloux winner of the WES XC eMTB in Monaco and in Switzerland
– Jérôme Gilloux winner of the e-Transvésubienne 2019

Other outstanding performances of the season:

– Kenny Muller 3rd overall of the eMTB Enduro French Cup 2019
– Olivier Giordanengo & Kenny Muller 3rd of the Tour du Mont-Blanc eMTB 2019
– Olivier Giordanengo 3rd at Olargues and 2nd at Allos eMTB Enduro French Cups
– Kenny Muller 3rd in the WES Enduro eMTB round in Monaco
– Kenny Muller 4th of the Megavalanche eMTB

Season 2020 in focus

In 2020 the XC or Enduro eMTB disciplines should continue to grow and become more and more professional. The e-Team will try to shine again on the national and international events, and beyond the purely sportive aspects will ensure to represent at best its partners without ever forgetting the values ​​which are so dear to us: passion, sharing and professionalism.

eMTB XC World Championship (Jérôme Gilloux)
eMTB XC French Championship (Jérôme Gilloux) and Enduro (the entire team)
EWS-E (Enduro World Series-E) in France, Switzerland and Italy
Mont-Blanc Tour (Verbier eTMB)
eMTB Enduro French Cup
Enduro Series
WES Series

Olivier will act more as a coordinator next year; he will take care of the management of the team and will participate in fewer races. That being said, he will never be too far from his Moustache and will also be able to devote some time to the training of a young rookie … The team will soon welcome a new young rider in its ranks who will be the next generation of the team for the coming seasons : Giordanengo Diego. Diego works at “La roue Libre Cagnes” as a mechanic and has already performed well on many EMTB races (1st  in Trophée de Provence, 2nd in Mondraker enduro tour, 6th at Electro-portes du Mercantour, 4th at the National French Cup Loudenvieille).


To participate in the various events of the season, our riders can count on the Moustache Bikes eMTB range.
With a dynamic behaviour and 150mm of travel, the Samedi 27 Trail perfectly matches the XC format in which Jérôme Gilloux will participate. For the most committed Enduro events the riders will use the Samedi 29 Game with 160mm of travel dedicated to hard attack.

With Jérôme’s ever increasing fitness, Kenny who continues generating Enduro-experience, a new young pilot bringing freshness and Olivier at the helm managing the crew: this season 2020 should be more exciting than ever for the e-Team Moustache Bikes!

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