Saison 10

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Samedi 29 Game

Beat the field on an enduro, or simply ride flat out on any beat-up trail, whether you're climbing or descending! This is what the Samedi 29 Game is made for!
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Samedi 29 Trail

A climb is just a descent in the wrong direction ;-{D In the saddle of the Samedi 29 Trail, climbs and descents are all going in the right direction!!!
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Samedi 27 Wide

See further and deeper! With the Samedi 27 Wide, what you previously thought impossible, becomes reality!
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Samedi 27 Weekend

1125 Wh of pure pleasure to consume without restraint!
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Samedi 26/27 Off

Climb, descend, turn, have fun, or just ride enjoying nature!! The perfect plan for your ride today, tomorrow, the day after....
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