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Samedi 27 Off

Sport | Fun | Easy | Low step
Climb, descend, turn, jump, attack or just ride in nature!! What a feeling! What fun! And what great plan for the day’s ride, for tomorrow’s and the day after’s… Agile, modern and easy, everyone can find their bike in the OFF family, beginners, experienced riders … and even children!
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Samedi 27 Wide

120mm travel | Fun | Easy | Comfort | Safety | Beginner | Women and men
Explore more trails, get out of your comfort zone, explore new terrain and redefine what you previously thought possible.
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Samedi 27 Trail

150mm travel | Fun | Easy | Efficient
A climb is only a descent gone awry ;-{D With Samedi 27 Trail, climbs and descents are all going in the right direction!!! With a totally new performing platform, Samedi 27 Trail bikes are go-anywhere e-MTB's that change where and how you can ride!
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Samedi 29 Game

160mm | 29" | Fun | Fast | Engaged | Hard Enduro
Beat the clock on an enduro, or simply ride at your limits on any beaten up trail, whether its up or down! This is what the new Samedi 29 Game has been designed for. A steed for fun and performance.
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