As in a dream

Who has never dreamed of replacing suffering with pleasure? Who has never dreamed of linking up Tour de France cols with the look of a pro rider? Who has never dreamed of widening their riding? Who has never dreamed of taking the wheels of their faster riding companions? Who has never dreamed of multiplying their rides, and the kilometers, day after day. The Dimanche 28 has been designed for all those who want to pass from dream to reality!

Break the rules

The Dimanche 28 has been designed for everyone who wants to go faster, harder, more often, longer, all whilst having fun! Some are looking for suffering in the effort, others for fun. If you are one of these, Dimanche 28 is made for you. Because the efforts that you will make, certainly as much as on your usual road bike, will always be well supported by the Bosch Active Line plus motor, so efficient and discrete. Thanks to the specific e-road program, you will get the feeling of riding with the legs of a pro rider and you can therefore multiply your rides and increase the percentages!

High performance!

We wanted the Dimanche 28 to be high performance, agile and fun, so we endowed it with a high end aluminum alloy frame, using our variable thickness hydroformed tubes and lowered the center of gravity as much as possible thanks to our inversed Hidden Power concept. We wanted it to be comfortable, so we designed a carbon fork and seatstays to obtain flex and absorb vibrations. We wanted it to be lively! So we designed wide chainstays to pass the power of your legs and the motor nonchalantly! We wanted it to be versatile, so we made mounts for luggage racks and mud guards and left the space to mount tires of up to 700x42!

It will accompany you discretely

Discrete and fiendishly efficient with the Bosch Active Line Plus motor, above all with the specific eRoad program! Capable of increasing your effort up to the very highest pedal cadences, it multiplies your capacities tenfold and your feelings in an extremely natural and silent manner. Lightweight, it delivers up to 50Nm of torque and 600W of maximum power and can produce up to 240% of your effort if necessary. Powered by a 500Wh battery, and consuming very little, it enables you to do almost endless rides! Your turn to do the étape du Tour or the Mont Ventoux!

A month of Sundays

The Dimanche 28 is a true road bike, equipped as one! The "endurance" geometry is partnered with a short stem and ergonomic handlebar. This has a short drop and reach offering a more balanced and comfortable position. Comfort is completed by the 32 mm tires that filter out vibrations as much as possible and a Selle Royal Vivo saddle with carefully thought out ergonomics. Ideal for long rides in perfect harmony.

Up to the task!

The dual chainring Shimano drivetrain in 10 or 11S offers you a large gear ratio so nothing needs be refused, even the most extreme percentages! And if it climbs strongly, it can descend just as strongly, but the hydraulic Shimano disc brakes equipped with 160 mm discs offer total control and will know how to slow the rhythm in full safety! With the Dimanche 28, your only limits are those you place on yourself.

Nothing to loose

Watts, there are plenty on the Dimanche 28, but that's not a reason to waste them! It's the reason for which we have equipped it with high performance wheels! Deep rims in Aluminum or Carbon, turning on cartridge bearing hubs and shooed with 32in tires to more efficiently absorb the irregularities of the tarmac. It's going to ride strong and long!

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