Vary the fun

You want tarmac or you want dirt? You want gentle rides or you want action? You want calm or you want crazy? You want your routine or you want adventure???
There's only one response: OK for everything on a Dimanche 29!


If you're like us, and you like road and trail, you'll like our Dimanche 29! Pass from one to the other without constraints! Link riding up cols on tarmac with descending on a fun trail; the week on urban roads gives way to a weekend of discovery… Free your creativity and revisit your journeys as you see fit! It's for all this, that we thought up the Dimanche 29.


The Dimanche 29, we wanted it to be agile and fun, so we endowed it with a high end aluminum alloy frame and lowered the center of gravity as much as possible thanks to our inversed Hidden Power concept. We wanted it to be versatile, so we left the space to mount tires up to 700x50! We wanted it to be comfortable, so we designed a carbon fork and seatstays to obtain flex and absorb vibrations. We wanted it to be lively! So we designed wide chainstays to pass on the power of your legs and the motor nonchalantly!

It knows how to be forgotten!

Let's speak about the motor! So fluid and quiet that we'd almost forget about it… but it is there, with its 65Nm of torque! It will even deliver 3 times your power, and this up to 600W with an incredible suppleness and control! Ideal on technical and steep trails. But on the road and above 25 km/h, it knows how to make itself forgotten by its silence and the absence of friction! A delight!

It doesn't lack air!

At Moustache, we like large volume tires! Our Dimanche 29 is not the exception to the rule. With its 700x50 Maxxis, supple and lightweight, it floats over obstacles instead of banging into them. A treat of comfort and efficiency. Our specific alu rims with a wide profile improve the tire's stability and the air flow for even better performance. And as the motor is on the frame... it is easy to change your wheels to suit the conditions.

Simply efficient!

Technology has a sense if it disappears behind your enjoyment. We have therefore chosen the simplicity and efficiency of a single chainring drivetrain with optimized ratios. The 11-42T cassette and the 42 teeth chainring allow you to send it on the flat or climbing!


The Dimanche 29 is always ready! Ready for adventure and "Bike packing". The frame and the fork are compatible with our tubular mudguards and luggage racks (with tires that are 700x42 max) and the several bottle holder mounts allow you to ride self-sufficiently!

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