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Gravel e-bikes are super fun and open new doors providing awesome riding experience.

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Ride everyday – anywhere!

Comes with technology. And we could tell you more about it, but that’s what everyone does.
So we rather skip the hype and stick to the facts.
It’s not a competition all the time - It’s getting more people on bikes!
Gravel e-bikes are super fun and open new doors providing awesome riding experience.


There are two basic concepts that make gravel bikes so exciting.
Number one = FAST & FUN
This is why we decided to design & engineer a new concept making sure dynamic and agile behaviour are being kept.
Besides the frame, the fork affects the handling, comfort and safety of a gravel bike significantely, therefore we designed a carbon fork with lateral stiffness for precise steering and light vertical flex to filter rough terrains. The ample tire clearance allow you to run 700x50C Tires as well, offering multiple mounting options.
Disc brakes are an integral part of the design with 180mm rotors front and 160mm back for powerful and consistent braking no matter the conditions.

Smooth and powerful

The new Bosch Performance Line system with 500Wh Powerpack battery answers all the modern needs in terms of performance, ease of use and autonomy.
Thanks to his seamless transition from No-Assist/Motor Support to Assist/Motor Support, our Dimanche 29 rides like a regular Gravel pedal bike.
Your ride will be ultra-smooth and silent and the 63Nm torque will provide supernatural ride characteristics!
No limitation of your playground, the Bosch Performance Line Motor is compatible with single chainring and wide gear range offering great climbing capacity.


When it comes to exploring and adventure, comfort is a must. This is why we use components that make riding more relaxed and enjoyable. Our endurance fit is perfect for longer, relaxing rides with more fun.
The positive effects of vertically compliant frames are well known. We have designed massive chain stays for dynamic and precise handling but flex seat stays for vertical compliance and comfort. The absorption of high-frequency vibration allows the rider to save critical energy stores, and thereby arrive as fresh as possible at the finish line.

Ease of use

We want your riding experience to be as easy as possible. NO limitations on wheel choices, from training to high-end carbon wheels, everything works as we’re using a mid-drive motor with no limitations as compared to hub drive systems on the market.
Durable and hassle-free components and frame interfaces. Front/Rear thru axle system with quick release lever for easy wheel in/out.
Wide gear range to adapt to your terrain and fitness conditions.

Confidence & Reliability

Our solid and stiff frame base means no compromise on durability. Easy to control in any situation you will quickly feel at ease riding Dimanche 29. Stable on the rough - agile on the smooth and predictable handling at all times and speeds will bring total confidence and control of your bike.
Durable 700x50C tires with Moustache custom made Tubeless ready Alloy wheels will ensure the perfect mixture of comfort and dynamic without losing a single watt of energy from the motor.


Gravel, all road, new road, adventure. It is not about the name it is about the opportunities it opens up.
Wisely located thread inserts will allow you to install Moustache's front and rear mudguards, rear-carrier and even front carrier for maximum loading capacity (N.B.: tires size is limited to 700x42 maximum if mounted with fenders and luggage rack). We also select our components to make your riding experience both relaxed and practical.

Dimanche 29 is both a leisure and a sport bike. It is solid and bold. The frame has a admirable finish and it looks fabulous. I am a really big fan of its handlebars which gives a vintage retro look contrasting subtly with its modernity.
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