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Friday 27 FS

If you want a bike that stands out from the crowd and also like to have fun whilst getting about, we have the solution for you!

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Friday 27 FS is stylish!

As comfortable as it is stylish, the Friday 27 FS has been conceived as a nod of the head to « Dress down Friday »! But whether you’re a suit or not, the Friday 27 FS is not only on-trend! This full suspension bike is afraid of nothing, and can take on pavements, drain covers and bad condition roads. You’ll get to your destination without problem, and always with class ;-{D

Urban, sporty and comfortable

With its redesigned geometry, as well as being a good-looker, the Friday 27 FS is super precise and efficient! It has 100mm of travel front and rear, provided by the Mobie 25 fork and the incredible Moustache Magic Grip Control 100 air shock. Pavements, cobblestones, potholes… everything is smoothed out for unequalled comfort… and without loosing the legendary efficiency of the Friday 27!

New frame with exclusive PowerTube integration

The Friday 27 FS is even more open with a lower center of gravity, thanks to the integration of the Bosch PowerTube battery and the lower top tube making it ultra manouevrable. Thanks to that, we can ride stronger and harder, whatever the conditions!

Bosch Motor

The new Bosch Performance Line CX motor is the most powerful Bosch motor on the market! Compact and light, it stands out for its minimal resistance to pedalling!!


Always equipped with the ingenious Quick-Park stem which enables the handlebar to be turned by 90° in just a few seconds, incredibly practical when we need to leave our Friday in a corridor for example! Same thing for the brand new QL3 light luggage rack which allows us to click on Moustache by Ortlieb paniers in seconds. The Friday 27 FS has a powerful front light for your security and comfort. It is also equipped with a chainguard, a fantastic innovation for this full suspension steed, and benefits from a speed detector to avoid the risk from a magnet that can turn.

… and always as much fun!

Mounted with comfortable Schwalbe tires, ready for anything, which grip when turning and are resistent to abuse, the Friday 27 FS will give you the impression you’re getting about on a flying carpet!!!

Ride connected

You’re always online? The Friday 27 FS 7 is too, thanks to the Bosch Smartphone Hub which enables you to connect your bike to your telephone!

It allows me to go to work, to see my friends, go eat with my parents. It's handy, fast and so stylish!
Here's my Friday 27 Speed.
Because driving is fun, exploring is easy and you always ride in style! #moustachebikes #fridayfs7
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