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Samedi 27 Off

Climb, descend, turn, jump, attack or just ride in nature!! What a feeling! What fun! And what great plan for the day’s ride, for tomorrow’s and the day after’s… Agile, modern and easy, everyone can find their bike in the OFF family, beginners, experienced riders … and even children!

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Samedi OFF leaves you addicted!

Whether it’s for the kids (Samedi 26 OFF), for beginners (Samedi 27 OFF 2), for pushing to the next level (Samedi 27 OFF 4), or for adventuring onto unknown terrain (Samedi 26 Wild)… Samedi OFF, it’s like our preferred jam that we eat straight out of the pot: impossible to stop! If you’re not ready to widen your playground and ride more and more, don’t ever put your leg over a Samedi OFF ;-{D

More accessible than ever!

We have developed a new platform that gives a more fluid and reactive ride. A real hardtail for beginners and for forest rides. And for this 9th season,we are even offering a true open frame equipped with high quality grippy Maxxis Forecaster tires. For a real ride feeling!

Open… but stiff!

The new triple cavity frame with the integrated Bosch PowerTube battery enables an easier installation of the battery whilst retaining the correct stiffness level. With its pared down design, it now offers an option with a lower and easier stand over height (on the OFF 2 Open) to make it even more easy to use.

Two types of motor according to the usage

It’s up to you to choose! The new Bosch Performance Line (on the OFF 2) is sporty and very natural, for a pure moment of relaxation. The new Bosch Performance Line CX (available on the OFF 4) is the most powerful in the Bosch range, and is aimed at the most demanding riders. Compact and light, it stands out for its minimal pedalling resistance.

Frame with inversed Hidden Power technology

The E-MTB is not just for big kids, we’re happy to offer this new frame for smaller riders! The usage of inversed Hidden Power technology enables a lower stand over height on the 26 OFF, and lowers even further the center of gravity for a feeling of greater security. It can also take a bottle holder.

The Samedi 27 Off is ideal for trekkings. Rigid, precise, versatile, with incredible autonomy and of course its great looks!
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