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Consult the most common questions here. For any After Sales questions concerning your bike, you must go to the Moustache dealer closest to you.

> How to buy a Moustache bike?

Our bikes are exclusively sold by our approved bike dealers throughout the world. Our network is made up of specialist shops selected for their quality service and technical expertise. It is therefore not possible to buy a bike directly from our factory or on our website. Click on “Where to buy” at the top of our site to access our list of approved sellers.

> How to buy spare parts for my bike?

Exactly as with the purchase of your bike, you must go to an approved Moustache stockist to buy spare parts or accessories for your bike.

> Why and how to register my bike?

Your bike is covered by a 5 year warranty for the frame and 2 years on all parts and the Bosch system. When you buy a Moustache bike, we recommend that you register the purchase on our website to facilitate the initial paperwork of your warranty and simplify our communications. The registration also enables us to verify the owner’s identity in the case of theft.

> How is the warranty put into practice?

The warranty is limited to 5 years for the frame and 2 years for the parts and the Bosch system, starting from the purchase date. The cosmetic elements, such as paint and stickers, are covered by a 1 year warranty. The warranty ony applies to the first owner of the bike. For any warranty request, you must go to your local Moustache dealer with your purchase receipt. The dealer will carry out a first diagnostic check and will contact us if necessary. Wear and tear on some parts is not covered by the warranty. List of parts deemed subject to wear and tear:
– Elements of the brakes (brake pads, discs).
– Tires, inner tubes, rim tape.
– Cables and cable stoppers.
– Parts of the transmission (chain, chain rings, cassette, jockey wheels on derailleurs, chain guide).
– Headset bearings.
– Grips.

> I've lost my keys, how can I unlock the battery?

Your bike is provided with keys that serve to unlock your battery in order to remove it. Your dealer will have given you two keys with your bike. These keys have a serial number. If you lose your keys, you can order a set of keys online, using this serial number. In order to know more, click here. If you can no longer find your serial number, we can find it and send it to you, when you provide your bike’s serial number and your purchase receipt. You can email them to: contact{a}moustachebikes.com.

Where to buy your Moustache ?

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Where to buy your Moustache ?

Our bikes are distributed throughout the world by a network of specialist shops.
Find the shop closest to you by putting in your post code or town.