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Three new full suspension frames for three different philosophies. A little overview so you can better grasp why these models were conceived and for which usages they are intended. 

Samedi 27 Wide

Samedi 27 Wide is our entry level full-suspension E-MTB. Some modern geometries are not suited to the needs of people new to the sport, or may be too extreme in order to be fully exploited. We wanted the WIDE range to be easy to use from the outset so that you get an instant smile on your lips during rides, but with no compromise on the performance. For this we worked on a geometry that’s incredibly playful, comfortable and easy to handle. We adapted the suspension kinematics in order to ensure an incredibly efficient motor function so that you can climb or descend with ease. With the Moustache Magic Grip Control shock offering 120mm of rear travel, you’ll surprise yourself by getting up climbs that you thought were impossible and you’ll descend with the same smile!

Available in 4 sizes, Samedi 27 Wide is the perfect bike to discover E-MTB and progress at full speed.

Samedi 27 Trail

Samedi 27 Trail: if we could only have one, it would definitely be this one that we would choose for its incredible versatility and efficiency. Its three consecutive podiums at French magazine Vélo Vert’s Election of E-MTB of the year since 2017 prove it! The arrival of the new Bosch Performance CX motor and the 625Wh Bosch PowerTube battery gave us the opportunity to totally rethink this flagship model, with an objective of even better performance, agility and pleasure. To succeed in this challenge we developed and tested a multitude of technical solutions before arriving at the right one: a new high end frame in hydroformed Aluminum 6061 with 150mm of travel for an unlimited playground, an exclusive interface for attaching the battery in order to place the battery as close as possible to the motor, new kinematics with a rotation axis further forward for improved efficiency when pedalling and to eliminate kickback, and an optimised geometry in order to offer 4 sizes with a huge range of saddle heights. The ingenious Flip Chip technology which enables changing between 27.5” and 29” wheels polishes off a top notch product. The Samedi 27 Trail has passed to another level, even more capable, even more high performance, always as easy and fun to ride… definitely a Smiling Machine!

Samedi 29 Game

What’s this? A newcomer…. Let’s be clear, Samedi 29 Game is not here just to be an extra. This new frame has been conceived to be ridden hard on the most extreme terrain, whether it’s going up or down. The more you attack, the more it’ll ask you to go harder! What’s the magic formula? Firstly a new high end frame in hydroformed Aluminum 6061 with 160mm of travel for its 29” wheels that are exceptionally capable at passing over obstacles. Perfectly matched, our Moustache Magic Grip Control shock, on which inumerable test sessions have enabled us to obtain a setting with impressive efficiency. We didn’t want an ungainly 29” once the speed lowered or the trails narrowed. Also, we opted for a fork offset reduced to 44mm so you could even turn on a pocket handkerchief! For those who want even more manoeuvrability and ease, the Flip Chip technology enables an easy change onto 27,5” wheels with just the turn of a tool. The most aggressive riders will also note the Moustache guard that protects the motor while still ensuring optimal ventilation. An ebike ready for the toughest rides and the most demanding riders.

Quick-Park stem

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Since the beginning, we have been convinced that a good e-bike is not just about the frame and motor.

Technologie guidon Flexbar

The handlebar that filters vibrations!

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