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At Moustache, we strongly believe that the frame is the master piece of bike, which requires a lot of attention !

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Know more about our frames designs !

Always more accessible

At Moustache, we have always wanted to ease access into e-biking, the perfect tool for leaving the car in the garage and tasting the pleasure and freedom of riding.

Our Lundi 26 already benefited from a record standover height, and for this season we wanted to bring this advantage to other models. Thanks to the usage of new Bosch PowerTube batteries with our triple cavity tubes ensuring excellent stiffness, we were able to design new frames that are even more open, and therefore more accessible, allowing an ultra low stepover that makes life easier: when we need to get on and off the saddle at each red light in the town, when we’re wearing a dress or fitted suit, when we’re transporting a child on the back of the bike, when we don’t (or no longer) have the suppleness of a gymnast, or simply when we no longer feel at ease with the constraint of a top tube ;-{D

Lower, more accessible but still a Moustache frame !

Here is the list of technologies we are using to make our frame design :
Hidden Power

For this project, the challenge was not only to integrate the battery, but also to minimise the  volumes. We had to optimize each angle, each space, each millimeter. We had to go past the technical limits of hydroforming by increasing the pressure above what’s possible in order to control each cm² of tube: the result was increased stiffness and a perfectly integrated battery, giving the look of a high end delicate finish.

Interchangeability, availability, compatibility

The key of our Hidden Power concept is the use of a standard Bosch battery that we can easily swap with a huge number of bikes on the market. For example, when two people of different sizes take on a long ride together, how easy it would be to simply swap the batteries halfway round to balance out the autonomies. Or to go on holiday abroad without your battery and simply hire one on the ground.


The battery is provided with a handle, it is easy to install, easy to remove from above, easy to swap, easy to transport.


Efficiently integrated inside the tube, the battery is protected from shocks coming from outside, from impacts by the internal face of the reinforced aluminum tube, and from mud by a cover that’s easy to take off.


The frame conception and in particular the downtube bring better stiffness and sturdiness to the frame. It’s thanks to the sides and ends of the tube as well as its optimised cutting, reduced by the maximum possible, that we can obtain this great result.

PowerTube integration:

The Bosch PowerTube battery is now available with capacities going up to 625Wh, which enable ever longer rides. We could not miss out on this new opportunity!! We therefore decided to fully rethink a huge number of our frames in order to integrate this solution. The hydroformed tubes can accommodate the battery in a more attractive way, and minimise the bulk. Special attention was paid to positioning the battery as low as possible on the frame. For this we redesigned the connection attaching the battery in order to make it as compact and as stiff as the Bosch connection. The battery is now placed as close as possible to the motor to guarantee an extremely low center of gravity, and therefore more dynamism.

Size comparison between the Bosch battery fixings (high)
and the Moustache battery fixings (low).
Positioning of the Bosch PowerTube battery as close as possible to the motor thanks to the Moustache fixings.

This season, the usage of Bosch PowerTube batteries enabled us to take a new look at the technologies of all our frames. By using triple cavity tubes we were able to increase stiffness even when dispensing with the top tube. We also made cable passages easier to simplify maintenance. This new design allows an extremely low standover height which gives better accessibility for everyone. And above all, this design enabled us to keep the Moustache DNA by keeping the precision, solidity and optimal riding enjoyment that we have on all our “Smiling Machines”.

The new Bosch PowerTube battery is available in vertical or horizontal versions depending on the motor. As such, the vertical version of the PowerTube means the frame can be reinforced with a triple cavity tube and an easy access to the battery which can be taken out from above. The horizontal version available on the Bosch Performance CX motor is removed from below the frame giving a more refined silhouette, and a perfect distribution of weight close to the motor.
The Bosch PowerTube 400/500Wh & 625Wh batteries are not the same length … In order to ensure any battery can be used, we have created a Moustache adapter so you can swap batteries easily!

Adding this adaptor enables the easy changing of batteries of the same type (horizontal or vertical), and to swap easily from a 500Wh battery to 625Wh for example. As such all our new PowerTube frames are compatible with 400, 500 or 625Wh batteries.

Bosch 500Wh PowerTubebattery with Moustache extension.

Magnet and sensor Integration:

On some models, we have developed a specific frame hanger enabling a speed detector to be integrated. Functioning in sync with the magnet that’s placed on the rear brake disc, this solution avoids the turning or loss of the magnet, and guarantees precise speed information. Discrete and efficient.

In orange, the integrated Bosch speed sensor at the interior of the frame hanger.


If we’ve chosen to exclusively use Bosch motors, it’s because of our conviction!

Technologie guidon Flexbar

The handlebar that filters vibrations!

Moustache Rear Shocks


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