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Because every little detail counts and we weren’t fully satisfied with some parts, we developed a range of Moustache accessories that bring that little something extra that makes all the difference when riding.

Luggage rack

QL3 luggage rack

Provided with a wide platform enabling easy installation of numerous models of child carriers and panniers, the Moustache luggage rack is compatible with Ortlieb’s QL3 fixing standard and the MIK standard, developed by the brand BASIL. This means that several types of luggage and accessories can be attached in the blink of an eye.

QL3 Light luggage rack

Pared down version of our standard luggage rack, the light version perfectly marries together functionality and featherlight weight. Reduced to the essentials, this enables fixing your QL3 standard Ortlieb panniers and accessories. With the Moustache mudguards snugly fitted, its minimalist esthetics will not go unnoticed.


At Moustache, we don’t like mudguards… They’re never properly centered, they move all the time, they’re rarely nice to look at… We therefore decided to innovate and create our own mudguards!
The exclusive Moustache mudguards are tubular, therefore very stiff, whilst still being lightweight! And they are concentric with the wheel, which looks a lot better.
We developed three exclusive extrusion profiles. The bars are lined up then curved to adapt to the wheel circumference.
A mudguard may seem simple, but this was a very complex development. In any case, the effort was worth it.


Ahhhhhh the famous Moustache handlebar… the basis of everything! Invented by our ancestors, we updated it to today’s tastes and offered it a brand new design while reinforcing its legendary comfort thanks to a very natural hand position.

We developed more than four different versions, with little variations of angle each time until we found the perfect shape. It’s made from Aluminum 6061 tubes, just like our frames, and it has the same thermic treatments as them for maximum strength.

Lundi 26

A city version with a very high riser for our Lundi 26. The rider’s position is more comfortable with the back perfectly straight and a wide range of vision.

Samedi 28

Samedi 28 uses a slightly lower version which gives a well balanced position that is particularly suited to long rides.

Friday 27 FS et Samedi 27 Xroad,

For Friday 27 FS and Samedi 27 Xroad, it’s the round semi-riser Moustache handlebar that will guide your way. The 30° turn is especially nice and offers a wide range of usage.

Friday 28

Friday 28 benefits from the ingenious Flexbar, developed with our friends at Baramind. Their technology filters small impacts and vibrations in the same way a wide volume tire would do.
Be careful, to try it is to love it!

MTB handlebars

The position of your hands has a huge impact on your comfort and the pleasure you get from riding. This is especially important in MTB. We have therefore designed two handlebars in aluminum 6061 with a thermic treatment and benefiting from an ergonomy adapted to each type of use:
760mm wide handlebar, 15mm high, 9° of backsweep and 5° of upsweep (on the Wide and Trail).
780mm wide handlebar, 15mm high, 9° of backsweep and 5° of upsweep (on the Game).
Just_Carbon: for high performance needs, we also make these two models in a carbon version that weighs only 205g on the scales!

Road and gravel handlebars

Very special attention was paid to our road handlebars. The aim was to have a position that is both ergonomic and comfortable in order to tackle long rides without too much fatigue. For this we applied a light backsweep on the high part of the handlebar in order to have the shoulders more open than on a standard road bar. In complement, we also worked on the flaring in order to obtain a position low on the bars that would bring more serenity and comfort. With this you’ll be able to get as much pleasure when climbing or descending, a very important philosophy at Moustache. You’ll never ride with another handlebar again!

Road handlebar widths:
Standard: sizes S = 420mm, M = 440mm, L/XL = 460mm
Open: sizes S/M = 420mm, L = 440mm

In the same spirit as the road handlebars, a gravel version has been created bringing more versatility and stability, notably when used on trails. For this the flaring was accentuated in order to have the perfect grasp for precise riding and to be less taxing on tough terrain.

Gravel handlebar widths:
Sizes S = 440mm, M/L = 460mm, XL = 480mm

Quick-Park stem

To get extra space with the turn of a hand! You only need a few seconds to turn the handlebar by 90° without using any tools, and thereby gaining 50% more space. Super practical when we need to leave our Friday in a corridor for example!

EVO seat-post

The Moustache EVO telescopic seat-post combines a suppleness in its functioning with ease of maintenance. Totally revamped, it benefits from a new hydraulic cartridge that’s even more efficient. It’s hard anodized for better longevity. The ergonomic lever fits perfectly under the thumb and reduces friction for an immediate response. The cable functioning makes maintenance easy, there’s no longer any need for never-ending bleeding!

Moustache kickstand

All our Moustache* bikes benefit from a fixing support for a kickstand so this option can be easily added if it’s not provided on the factory build. For our full-suspension models Wide, Trail and Game we have developed a specific kickstand that can be installed with perfect integration.

*with the exception of the tandem Samedi 27X2 and the Mercredi 12 balance bike ;-{D

Kiox support

In order to better protect the Kiox screen against impacts whilst maintaining excellent visibility, we use a specific support. Placed to the right of the stem, the monitor integrates discreetly into the cockpit and its position limits the risk of impact in the case of a fall. You can now attack the most technical trails serenely!

Quick-Park stem

Win 50% of space in few seconds!

Technologie guidon Flexbar

The handlebar that filters vibrations!


Since the beginning, we have been convinced that a good e-bike is not just about the frame and motor.

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