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Behind this name are hidden many years of riding, testing, intensive hours of development in order to finally get to this magic moment when everything functions perfectly

We needed an umpteenth version of our piston that controls the rebound on our shock to finally obtain the level of traction needed to give the impression that an extra hand is pushing you up the climbs! A perfect harmony between the suspension and the motor, therefore avoiding the “gaps” in assistance when the suspension sags excessively, and guaranteeing unbelievable motor function. MAGIC, we said it ;-{D

Benefitting from a Trunion fixing system, the volume of air in our shocks has therefore been able to be increased and the superior fixing system is now mounted on the bearings. This results in better sensitivity for little shocks and improved progressivity in order to keep a very dynamic ride feel. 

Our objective was to guarantee an optimal stability on the bike during rides, to keep the right angle even during the steepest climbs and guarantee the rear wheel grips as well when climbing as in descent.

Indeed, depending on the intensity of shocks, instead of passing only by the rebound needle, the oil pressure can more or less open the valves on the high speed circuits and dynamically regulate the rebound. This results in a more constant pressure for the tyre which provides an insane grip for the rear wheel, whether climbing or descending. Any wobble on the bike is better managed, it is more stable, and the front wheel grip is noticeably improved!

The oil circulation generated enables heat evacuation, to maintain a reasonable functioning temperature and optimal performance of the shock.


If we’ve chosen to exclusively use Bosch motors, it’s because of our conviction!

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