… it’s the eternal question that’s been asked in the bike world since the very start of riding on two wheels.

At Moustache Bikes, as surprising as it may seem, weight is not THE essential figure (it’s often a comparison figure in a catalogue, but not necessarily what makes a good e-bike).

For us the priorities are dynamism, riding pleasure and reliability!!!
The essential point on an e-bike, is the fact that the onboard weight is what helps you to move forward!! Héhéhé!!!
We can reduce the size and power of the motor, but we then also reduce the dynamic quality of the bike…
We can lower the battery capacity (and therefore the size and weight) but then we also reduce how far we can ride… And when we enjoy riding so much why limit ourselves???
It’s just a question of balance, and creating this balance is what we know best since the beginning!

The dynamism of the bike when riding with the motor working is essential, but the behavior of the bike after the motor cuts out at 25km/h is just as important. On the flat, when accelerating, the motor will help you up to 25km/h, which creates this sensation of lightness, but the dynamic qualities of the bike are what will enable you to go past this limit and push up to 40/45 km/h (or more 😉 if you have just a little training and fitness, exactly as on a non-electric bike.

Difficult to believe? We invite you to come and meet us at one of our events where you can speak in more detail with one of the members of our team, or you can contact your local Moustache Bikes dealer to plan a test of one of our bikes, so you can see for yourself.
In the end, the only time when we feel the weight is when we put it on the bike rack ;-{D


Because every little detail counts!

A 100% electric brand!

E-bikes as a solution for the future? At Moustache Bikes we believe this, for 10 years this conviction is what drives us and motivates us every day to


Since the beginning, we have been convinced that a good e-bike is not just about the frame and motor.

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