Samedi 29 Trail 10 Press review by Vojo Magazine

Vojo Magazine has tested our new Trail 10, check out the verdict and as bonus, a riding video of the Munster valley!

03 November 2020

"A certain idea of excellence"

We had the pleasure of welcoming Olivier from Vojo Magazine for a two days micro-adventure in our beautiful Vosges mountains. The perfect opportunity to let him ride the brand new Samedi 29 Trail 10 on our favorite trails. The more than 70km covered all around the valley of Munster allowed him to appreciate the metamorphosis of this flagship model of the Moustache range and its incredible potential.

If you speak French or are familiar with web-browser translation systems, we can only advise you to read this great test, illustrated with superb photos by Jérémie Reuiller.

To tease you a little bit, a few selected pieces:

“The Moustache Samedi 29 Trail presents itself as a versatile bike, capable of riding long or “relax” sessions, as well as being able to ride on very technical terrains or to allow a rider like Jérôme Gilloux to go for two silver medals in two eMTB World Championships, as well as to line up on the electrified version of the Enduro World Series or at the start of a Transvésubienne marathon race.”

First impression: what a nice thing to be on a Moustache! Everything is at hand, the choice of equipment is relevant and the ergonomics of each part is well thought out. In short, it’s all thought out by people who ride, and you can feel it!”

“Even in the most difficult situations, the rear is impossible to fault. The wheel is glued to the ground at all times, while still retaining a real sense of dynamism and liveliness when you want to give the bike a boost. It’s both smooth and responsive, progressive and lively… in short, everything and its opposite! And that, very, very few suspensions manage to do. In our opinion, it is without a doubt one of the most accomplished rear suspensions of the moment, if not THE most accomplished.

“The uphill grip is equally impressive. You can feel that you have a hyperactive suspension on the ground, and an absolutely perfect grip in all circumstances… A real killer of the impossible climb!

“The Moustache Samedi 29 Trail 10 was imperial everywhere. Reassuring but also particularly lively, it gives above all a great impression of lightness on the trails.”

What mastery! What a level of achievement! During our trip through the Munster valley, we encountered a small sample of just about every conceivable circumstance, as well as very varied terrain. And everywhere, this Moustache Trail bluffed us. It’s not just good everywhere, it’s very, very good everywhere.”

"[...] In a word: a real success."

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