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Friday 27 FS Speed
speeds things up!

Friday 27 FS Speed offers an excellent alternative to public transportation or combustion-powered vehicles for your daily trips!

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16 March 2020

Our Friday 27 FS Speed really speeds things up!

Having to live our hectic lives we dream of being able to shorten the distances and to control time: we want to go both further and faster.
If we do not offer complete time control yet, we suggest that you get to know our Friday 27 FS Speed a little better, as this bike may surprise you.

At Moustache Bikes we are convinced that your bike trips can also be synonymous with efficiency, without sacrificing anything to pleasure.
The Friday 27 FS Speed ​​is part of a new generation of bikes, the Speed ​​bikes. Capable of traveling at 45 km/h and beyond, our Friday 27 FS Speed ​​not only brings a good dose of fun and speed to your daily trips, it allows you to do it safely.

A good reason to leave the car in the garage.

Friday 27 FS Speed offers an excellent alternative to public transportation or combustion-powered vehicles for your daily trips!
Do you live on the outskirts of the city, in the countryside, or do you simply have to ride long distances every day in a limited time while wanting to leave the car in the garage? The solution to this type of mobility is probably the Speed bike. If everyone is convinced of the usefulness of bicycles and electric bikes, beyond a certain distance to cover, users are looking for a means of transport faster than an e-bike in order to travel longer and safe rides. Our Friday 27 FS Speed perfectly meets these requirements regardless of age or physical condition. And that’s not even to mention the sensations when you travel by bike at 45 km/h!

Our Speed bike is not just an electric bike that goes (very) fast!

Creating a Speed bike requires great rigor in terms of safety and efficiency. Beyond the L1e standard which regulates this type of bikes and which is of course thoroughly respected, Moustache has refined the frame in its every detail to guarantee safe riding and a simple and intuitive handling.

Healthy and dynamic behavior

The frame of the Friday 27 FS Speed offers 100 mm front and rear travel and is equipped with a Moustache Magic Grip Control shock as well as a SR Suntour Mobie 45 fork, allowing precise, comfortable and confidence inspiring rides. Magura brakes specifically developed for Speed bike use will stop you in a second, even at high speed. Finally, the 35 mm wide Moustache rims fitted with Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires expressly adapted for Speed bikes will ensure comfort, traction and durability – at all speeds.

A powerful motor ready to take you anywhere

When it comes to efficient motors, Bosch is the best answer. With a maximum torque of 75 Nm and a light weight of just 2.9 kg, the Performance Line Speed motor will guide you up to 45 km/h easily and safely – the ideal way to cover long distances with a smile on your face. The Bosch PowerTube battery with a capacity of 625 Wh will give you a large range of action for your daily challenges. And to make the experience simple and intuitive, the Kiox display provides clear and precise information on your journeys.

You have everything at hand

All controls such as assistance modes, lighting settings and the horn can be operated without your hands leaving the handlebar for a second. Take a look in the side mirror and change direction at ease, everything is under control!

Drive fast and respectfully

Riding on a Speed bike offers new possibilities but also implies some safety rules to be strictly respected ;-{D
The Friday 27 FS Speed meets the L1e regulation in accordance with European regulation 168/2013, but beyond this standard, the purchase of a Speed bike implies certain obligations such as the requirement to have proper insurance and the need to wear a helmet that meets legal Speed bike requirements.
Another important element is the use of country pecific license plates. The license plate must therefore be installed on the bike at all times for the user to be fully in compliance with the laws in force. Retailer education & product training is our priroty number one. Therefore, our retailer partners can happily assist with the registration process. But don’t worry, these formalities are extremely simple and quick. ;-{D

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