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07 December 2020

When we launched Moustache, we dreamed of seeing
more people on bikes and leaving the car in the garage.

We dreamed of sharing the pleasure that we take ourselves every day, on cycle paths, on roads, in the forest or in the mountains. We dreamed of simply making you smile. This smile, you have given us a 1000 times! Beyond our ambitions and our hopes. What pleasure we get from reading your messages, from discovering how our bikes sometimes changed your lives.


We have often been moved, always encouraged!  Your smiles are our daily motor. At the time of placing this « Saison 10 » catalogue on your coffee table, give way to your dreams!  Dreams of rides, gentle or sporty, alone, with family or friends. Dreams of adventures, dreams of an easy joyful day to day.

This dream can become reality. To smile, every day.

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