The handlebar that filters vibrations!

Flexbar, the new Moustache handlebar ,
was developed with our friends at Baramind.
Their technology enables us to filter out small impacts and vibrations in the same manner as a very large section tire!
You’ll find it on our new Friday 28 range.


BARAMIND handlebars are specially engineered to absorb shocks and smooth out vibrations. It increases your riding comfort and biking control especially on rough roads and bumpy paths.


Based on a patented insert system, BARAMIND handlebars are flexible downwards and rigid upwards. Downwards flexibility absorbs shocks while upwards rigidity ensures a perfect handling of your bike.


Lab and field tests were made using accelerometers placed on rider’s wrists, on the two ends of the handlebar and on the stem. Dataq was recorded to measure the handlebars absorbing capacities.

BARAMIND handlebars were compared with regular handlebars from the market. Results show that BARAMIND significantly reduces the vibrations transmitted from handlebar to rider’s wrists. Thereby, muscle recovery is improved and fatigue is reduced.

Flexbar on our new Friday 28

Ahhhhhh the famous Moustache handlebar... the basis of everything!

A 100% electric brand!

E-bikes as a solution for the future? At Moustache Bikes we believe this, for 10 years this conviction is what drives us and motivates us every day to

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