The Bosch Performance Line SX Motor: A Revolution of Performance and Lightness

Imagine hitting the road or descending a gravel trail with effortless ease, propelled by cutting-edge innovation: the Bosch Performance Line SX motor. This article will immerse you in a world where technology and the passion for electric biking seamlessly converge, integrated perfectly into the new Dimanche 28 Road and Dimanche 29 Gravel range. Let’s discover together why this motor is your new best ally, FOR EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME…

Technical Details of the Bosch SX Motor

Prepare yourself for a technical revelation with the Bosch Performance Line SX motor, a blend of power and finesse. So light, natural, smooth, and quiet, this motor could almost go unnoticed, but don’t be fooled—it’s impressive! Imagine a riding companion that boosts your strength with its 55Nm of torque, capable of multiplying your power by 3.4 times to reach up to 600W !

Its efficiency lets you make the most of the 400Wh PowerTube battery, and if your thirst for adventure demands more, an additional PowerMore battery can increase this capacity to 650Wh. Long climbs? A breeze. Long distances? An invitation.

And with the Bosch eBike Flow app, synchronized with your Kiox 300 display, every ride becomes a smooth and intuitive journey. Its high-resolution color screen offers impeccable clarity, even in bright sunlight. Bluetooth connectivity simplifies synchronization with your smartphone, and the intuitive user interface lets you easily switch between display modes and view notifications in real-time. You don’t just ride the paths; you conquer them.

This integration within the Bosch SX motor isn’t just an advancement; it’s a revolution redefining what it means to ride.

Integration in the Dimanche 28 and 29 Models

With the Dimanche 28 and Dimanche 29 models, the integration of the Bosch SX motor transcends mere technical functionality. Every component, from the motor to the battery, is integrated with surgical precision to offer a sleek design and refined aesthetics. The Bosch 400Wh battery is perfectly positioned at the heart of the frame, ensuring unparalleled stability and an ideal center of gravity.


Design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s inherently functional. The Moustache mounting interfaces minimize bulk, ensuring perfect motor integration without compromising aesthetics. The meticulous integration of motor mounting points optimizes every energy transfer, turning each pedal stroke into smooth progress.


“Plug & Play” Functionality

Open, plug in, unplug, close, and ride!

We’ve developed unique motor covers and charging flaps that facilitate access while enhancing the bike’s aesthetics. Every detail is designed to avoid unpleasant noises and simplify maintenance, with each cable following its dedicated path.

Why Choose the Bosch SX Motor?

The Bosch Performance Line SX motor is a major asset for the Dimanche 29 and Dimanche 28, thanks to its light weight, 55 Nm of torque and ability to deliver up to 600 W of power. This motor offers smooth, unobtrusive assistance, ideal for technical terrain and tarmac roads. Its silence and lack of friction at high speeds make it a pleasure to ride, while guaranteeing smooth, reliable performance, perfect for a variety of adventures.

Dimanche 28: Redefining Freedom

The Dimanche 28 model invites you to celebrate freedom, perfectly at ease in the mountains or on long stretches. Its lightweight frame, combined with the power of the Bosch SX motor, frees you from the physical constraints of tough climbs, turning every ride into a celebration of freedom.

Dimanche 29 Gravel: Enhanced Sensations

The Dimanche 29 Gravel is designed for those who seek to strengthen their bond with nature. Adapted to various terrains, it maximizes comfort and responsiveness, transforming every ride into an enriching and exciting exploration.

Choosing the Bosch SX motor, integrated into our Dimanche 28 and Dimanche 29 models, isn’t just about choosing a motor; it’s about selecting an unparalleled experience enriched with freedom, comfort, and intensified sensations. This choice embodies innovation, quality, and everyday adventure.

21 May 2024



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