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Learn more about the conditions of the Test and smile program:

– The majority of the models available for testing in our network are in sizes M and L, which will suit the greatest number of testers for a short trial. Your dealer will then help you determine the right frame size for you.
– 24 models from our range have been selected to test, covering all types of use and adapted to different regions (urban, road, mountain, etc.). Your dealer will advise you towards a model according to your practice, the level of equipment you want, etc.
– We remind you that test conditions may vary from one shop to another. Thus, depending on the shop or the model you wish to test, conditions may be defined such as the payment of a deposit or a possible contribution that will be reimbursed to you upon purchase, etc.
– We advise you to contact your Moustache Bikes dealer for any questions concerning the tests.


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Congratulations! You are about to test a Moustache bike. Be careful, testing it means adopting it... Our dealer will contact you very soon to invite you to test your Moustache.