2X more fun!

2X more fun
2X more sharing
4X more magic!

Sharing your passion, your emotions, sharing a moment, a new discovery, a trip, a nice area, simply sharing a moment of fun…

The Samedi 27 X2 is a unique way to double the fun!
And as it always sees double… it exists in 2 versions, MTB or touring. 2X more possibilities!

We can count on it!

The Samedi 27 X2 is based around a very stiff frame offering maximum precision and safety. It is made from a 6061 T4 T6 aluminum alloy and uses triple cavity extruded tubes as well as hydroformed chain stays. Sufficiently long to be comfortable for both rider and passenger, but not too long so it stays as agile as possible in tight turns. The Bosch Performance CX Smart System motor is located at the rear centre to synchronise the cranks and provide true tandem behaviour.

Power 2 !

Or even power 4! Let's not forget the Bosch Performance CX Smart System motor, its 85Nm of torque and its 600W of max power! Thanks to its incredible performance and the synchronized cranks we can say that you'll be 4 making it go forward together! There's nothing like this to preserve energy and lengthen rides or go on the attack on the steepest climbs.

Without limit!

Whether you're riding as a couple, a family, with friends, there is no limit to happiness behind the bars of the Samedi 27 X2. Thanks to its two batteries with a total of 1090Wh capacity offering you an incredible autonomy. 2X further!

Choose the right equipment for you!

Samedi 27 X2 is available in both MTB and Trekking versions. Choose the configuration that suits your needs based on your usage:

- with the MTB version, venture into challenging terrains with its rugged Maxxis tyres
- with the Trekking version, the Samedi 27X2 boasts Schwalbe rolling tyres and accessories: mudguards, luggage racks, lighting – practical for those long and beautiful rides for two.

  • Color(s)

  • Motor / Battery

    Bosch Performance Line CX Smart System/2 x 545 Wh

  • Display

    Purion 200

  • Autonomy


  • Transmission

    Shimano CUES, 10-speed

7 999 €
  • Color(s)

  • Motor / Battery

    Bosch Performance Line CX Smart System/2 x 545 Wh

  • Display

    Purion 200

  • Range

    Up to 206 km*

  • Drivetrain

    Shimano CUES, 10-speed

  • Equipment

    Lights, luggage rack, mudguards that retain their shape


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