Tips to leave the car in the garage, and ride your bike even in winter!

Cold, wind and rain are the enemies of the cyclist. However, as a saying among regular cyclists goes, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear ! That’s why we’re offering you a little help to equip yourself for riding in all conditions !

Dress appropriately to keep warm

Several layers are better than one: this is the number one rule for riding in winter without getting (or catching a) cold. It’s better to put on layers so you can remove them, rather than riding in just one warm jacket. Three layers may be enough, but forget cotton and opt for a warm fleece jacket that will keep out the cold. Then put on a windbreaker or rain jacket to protect against wet weather. With this layering technique, you will never be cold again !

Let’s start with the extremities, which should be protected first in order to keep in as much warmth as possible.

  • Thin under-helmet caps are available for your head and neck because a helmet by itself won’t keep you warm. You can also wear ear muffs, a headband, ski mask or neck gaiter. Everyone has their own preferences ! You should also be aware that some neck gaiters also act as anti-pollution and anti-pollen masks, perfect for urban cyclists !
  • When it comes to your hands, remember that two pairs of gloves are better than one ! Thin glove liners can be worn under larger, waterproof and windproof gloves. There are also bike sleeves so you don’t have to worry about gloves. These are fitted directly on the handlebars, so you can slip your hands in and off you go !

  • Keep your feet toasty by wearing warm socks made of waterproof, breathable and heat-retaining materials like merino wool. Overshoes can also be used: in addition to protecting your feet and ankles from the rain, they can also add a layer of warmth and are easy to put on.
  • If you don’t want to freeze, it’s important to protect your upper body in sub-zero temperatures, and there are plenty of options available. Technical sweatshirts, cycling jerseys, fleeces, jackets, and so on … the choice is yours. Bear in mind that you will be expending energy and therefore giving off heat. People often regret being too covered up !
  • For your legs, there are two options: windproof and waterproof overpants or leggings to put on under your pants such as running tights or long shorts.

It is important to retain maximum flexibility in your movements to react quickly to traffic hazards ! 

Don't mess with visibility

Being visible is THE rule when cycling, and even more so in winter, which is synonymous with short days when journeys to work often take place when it’s dark. Reflective clothing is important, but bike lights are also essential. This is why Moustache takes these elements into account when designing its bikes by integrating LED lighting, positioned high up, which allows you to see and be seen. For cyclists who do not have integrated lighting, there are many removable lighting systems available. You can go for models that are fixed to the helmet or to your bike.
You should always install a white light on the front and a red light on the back. So, equip yourself to shine, even if it means dazzling everyone in your path !

Gear up your ride to replace your car !

There are some pieces of equipment that may seem incidental but can make your journeys much more enjoyable. A saddle protector stops your butt from getting wet when you get back on your bike, a reflective spacer makes sure motorists pass you at a safe distance, and mudguards are also important so that you don’t arrive at work covered in spots. All our Moustache bikes are equipped with mudguards. They are tubular and therefore very rigid but light. They fit concentrically on the wheel to protect you completely and look good! If your bike doesn’t have them, consider removable mudguards !

Keep your stuff dry !

Let’s move on to baggage. When you go off to work, you rarely head off with your hands in your pockets. So you need to find a solution to carry your stuff and keep it dry. There are many products that can be clipped onto a luggage rack and a simple backpack will also work, but either way make sure your solution is waterproof. The Clark backpack and Greg & Manu double saddle bags from Moustache will keep your stuff dry and warm. In terms of safety, we’ve thought of everything (yes, as always!) – these devices include reflective strips.

Regular maintenance = a guarantee of longevity

With the winter weather, bikes get dirty a lot faster on the road, so maintenance (and cleaning ) is essential. For an EAB, it is important to protect the battery from the cold (especially when temperatures are below 0°C). We recommend inserting the charged battery, stored at room temperature, into the EAB a few moments before riding. If you ride frequently, thermal protection covers are also a good idea. When you return, wait for the battery to warm up before charging it. The following parts should also be checked, maintained and lubricated: brake pads and calipers to be sure they are at maximum efficiency, as well as the gears and chain. You can also lower the tire pressure slightly to improve road grip. Now you can ride safely !

Lubricate the chain
Protect the battery from cold

You’re all set! Cycling in winter has never been so easy and will even allow you to burn more calories so you have more room for dessert :-{D

25 January 2022



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