If we’ve chosen to exclusively use Bosch motors,
it’s because of our conviction!

We strongly believe that performance, quality and service are part of the necessary basics. Our association with Bosch is based on sharing these same values.

Today, Bosch is the most accomplished and high performance system on the market… and it’s produced in Europe!

An overview of the technologies used.



Supple, economical and progressive. Ideal for daily urban usage.

Pure riding pleasure! The Bosch Active Plus motor, ultra natural, quiet, light and reliable ensures cyclists enjoy riding even more. The maximum torque can reach 50 Nm offering a progressive acceleration and ideal assistance for town & city riding or gentle trips out.
The absence of friction enables riders to easily pass the limit of 25 km/h where assistance cuts out without even realising it!
Simply amazing!


Sporty and natural, it will surprise you with the absence of friction.

The Performance Line motor is the most versatile Bosch motor system: whether it’s for riding across fields at speed, to get to work, or for a relaxing trip out to recharge and reboot, it always offers the right level of assistance at the right moment. Reliable, quiet and elegant, it guarantees comfortable pedalling up to 25 km/h and charms riders with its natural pedalling behaviour. With a sporty torque of 65 Nm and incredibly high performances, the motor brings just the right touch of assistance always at the right moment, even in the mountains.


Fast and dynamic

With a maximum torque of 85 Nm and a light weight at just 2,9 kg, this motor will take you easily and safely up to 45 km/h, offering assistance of up to 340 %. High speeds are achieved rapidly and fluidly: the perfect solution to cover long distances easily or reduce the time of your day to day journeys.


Compact, light and powerful

No trail is too steep, no challenge too tough: the Performance Line CX motor is made for anyone who feels that trails are their second home. The most powerful Bosch motor, destined for demanding cyclists, is distinguished by its lightweight, its compactness and by its minimal resistance to pedalling. In eMTB mode, the rider always has the necessary power at any given moment. The Performance Line CX motor has incredibly impressive acceleration, reacts without delay and will convince you with its agility and even further improved control. With up to 340 % of perfectly managed assistance it allows MTB aficionados to push riding pleasure to the max.



Compact and efficient

The compact control on the bars is both screen and operating unit. Ideal for anyone who wants to concentrate on the essential information. You can clearly see the amount of charge remaining, the speed, the riding mode, the autonomy, the distance ridden and total distance. The combination of the Active Line range and the Purion console allows you to fully concentrate on what’s around you: the backlit anti-reflect screen benefits from optimal readability at night as well as in strong sunshine.


Clear and intelligent

Intuvia offers optimal user comfort. Its usage is intuitive and the screen offers excellent readability, even in sunlight. Therefore, you can always keep an eye on all the riding data. Intuvia will give you very precise information on your speed, the distance ridden, the length of time you’ve been riding and the current autonomy. Intuvia can also be used with your left thumb in an optimal way using the separate control on the side.


Sporty and connected

Kiox is a new console made for ambitious sporty cyclists. It has all the classic functions of a cycle computer, while opening a gateway to the digital world for e-bikers thanks to a smartphone application. All the ride data is constantly visible on the color screen, and thanks to the separate control on the side the rider always has both hands on the handlebar and the screen in view. Kiox registers journeys and also sends all important data to the online portal eBike Connect, via a smartphone connected with Bluetooth. Kiox is now the ideal companion for every outing.

Lock function Kiox

To ride e-bikes day in day out without any worries: the new premium Lock function makes Kiox the key to reinforced security. Thanks to this function, pedalling assistance is deactivated when the Kiox console is removed. When the same console is replaced, the block will automatically lift. It’s an astute addition to a classic mechanical lock.


Intelligence on your handlebar

The SmartphoneHub transforms an electric bike into a fully connected e-bike which participates in the digital world: thanks to a smartphone and the COBI.Bike application, the SmartphoneHub becomes an intelligent command center which navigates, registers activities and can be connected to other services and applications. More security, more comfort and more enjoyment during your different rides. A whole new dimension to cycle mobility.
The e-bike can also be started up and used without a smartphone, since the screen that’s integrated with the SmartphoneHub displays the main ride data. E-bikers can stay flexible in any circumstances, whatever the planned route.


Polyvalent and shrewd

With the new Nyon, it’s time for an entirely connected adventure. Via the eBike Connect App, Nyon is connected to your smartphone and shares data on your itineraries and activities. With its color screen, this intelligent guide assists the user of an e-bike to explore unknown places and provides him/her with data on physical form to help with ongoing training. Thanks to the touch screen, you can use the onboard computer in a simple and intuitive manner. Whilst riding, it can be controlled via the seperate side controler. For long rides or for short daily rides, with this robust and easy to see screen, you are perfectly equipped to to face any demand, at any time. New on board computer: a generation more intelligent, more intuitive and more connected, to profit fully from Connected Biking.



These lightweight lithium-ion batteries are easy to install and to remove. Our Hidden Power integration technology even enables elegant and efficient integration of the PowerPack battery. And thanks to it’s charging point, the PowerPack can also be charged directly on the bike. Easy to swap and transport, the PowerPack is a safe bet for anyone wanting a simple lightweight system.


With the PowerTube, Bosch offers a battery that can be integrated optimally into the bike frame, in two different versions: the Horizontal PowerTube or the Vertical PowerTube, for a perfectly designed integration and dynamic look. Benefiting from power up to 625Wh, the battery is invisible and perfectly protected by the frame. The exclusive Moustache fixing dock is able to further reduce the bulk in the frame, to lower the center of gravity, and guarantee maximum security. When unlocked, the battery unclips and pushes out around two centimeters from the frame in order to grasp it intuitively. Moustache have also designed and developed an extension for 400 and 500Wh PowerTube batteries (that are shorter than the 625Wh). This extension makes handling easier and enables the use of different batteries in the same bike. Ingenious!


No way is too long: DualBattery is the perfect solution to make your riding adventures longer. The combination of two Bosch batteries on our WEEKEND range offers a capacity of 1 125 Wh of autonomy. During both the charge and usage, the system transfers intelligently between the two batteries. Therefore, the two batteries are charged and emptied in a homogenous manner, which considerably increases their lifetime. Depending on your preferences, just one battery can also be used.

Technologie guidon Flexbar

The handlebar that filters vibrations!


Since the beginning, we have been convinced that a good e-bike is not just about the frame and motor.


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