To be 10 means not taking yourself seriously, sometimes being a bad student, thinking outside the box, being cheeky, laughing at everything, especially at yourself, having fun with your friends, keeping an open mind, having a touch of madness, smile, always smile… 

To be 10 means… let’s celebrate! 

Lundi 26 (2012)

For the past 10 years, we have been convinced that it is possible to change our habits and leave the car in the garage, on Monday morning, and every other day of the week! 

Lundi 27 (2022) ​

Lundi (Monday in French) is the first Moustache bike we designed. We wanted it to be good looking, comfortable, practical and different. In both 2012 and 2022 versions, you’ll immediately recognize Lundi’s unique, iconic and timeless style. 

Friday 28 (2020) – Bosch 10th Anniversary 

10 years of collaboration between Moustache and Bosch, a story based on common values and shared beliefs. 

More than just a supplier, our relationship with Bosch eBike Systems is a true partnership in which people play a major role. 

Bosch was able to give us a chance 10 years ago, when Moustache was still a two-person start-up company and couldn’t reach the minimum order quantity. Already believing in our project, the Bosch team stood by us from the beginning and since then, our two brands have continued to grow and innovate together. 

Lundi 20.5 Dual (2022)

Behind the scenes of an extraordinary shooting 

After many years of research and development, the public launch of this new longtail has not gone unnoticed. 

To design the first Moustache cargo bike, we started with a blank sheet. We sharpened our pencils and started to draw, to imagine and design a cargo bike that could accompany you in your everyday journeys. 

Lundi 20 is the multi-usage electric cargo bike, conceived to make all your daily journeys a pleasure and let your imagination run wild ;-{D 

Lundi 27.5 – Bulgos​ (2021​)

Lucas Beaufort’s idea of the Petit Tour de France was born in the spring 2020. It inspired this street artist to create a brand new collection of paintings as well as a limited edition of 12 unique Moustache Bikes. 

Please meet “Bulgos”: That’s the name Lucas gives to shooting stars. 

Collection M.A.S.S. Collection (2015)​

When Philippe Starck stopped by our booth on a bike fair and said, “This is beautiful!” we had no idea that this encounter would lead to a collaboration with the internationally renowned French designer.  

The S+ARCKBIKE collection entitled M.A.S.S. for Mud Asphalt Sand Snow was born in 2015 with 4 exclusive models produced in limited edition. 

“I wanted the bike to go on all territories and especially the infinite and poetic ones” Ph.S. 


Mercredi 12 Sakew​ (2021)​

Limited to 100 pieces, the Sakew x Moustache balance bike is a co-produced limited edition where each copy is signed and numbered by French artist Sakew. 

The unique drawings of this balance bike are a wink to the imaginary world of childhood. A universe born from the pencil strokes, in which everyday objects come to life and tell their stories. This bike speaks to our inner child ;-{D 

Friday 27 Brooks Edition​ (2017)​

To celebrate its 150th anniversary, Brooks England chose Moustache among a selection the world’s best bicycle manufacturers. The objective of this unprecedented project was to create an interpretation of a “Brooks Bicycle” to be produced in limited edition.  

The Friday 27 by Moustache Bikes is a nod to “Dress down Friday”, but this Limited Brooks Edition is definitly dressed for the occasion and sooo British ;-{D 

Weekend 27 Picture ​(2021)​

It’s a story of friends sharing the same values, “ride, explore & share” in a world where the car sits in the garage… 

This Weekend 27 Picture model is the result of a collaboration with other adventure and mountain enthusiasts and is part of a limited edition capsule collection of 50 pieces. It allows you to ride your bike directly to the slopes and closer to the best surfing spots! 

Samedi 29 Trail 10 ​(2021) – Gilloux Worlds​

Jérôme Gilloux, already twice runner-up in 2019 and 2020, won the UCI eMTB World Championship in Val di Sole (Italy) on Friday, August 27, 2021.  

On a circuit perfectly adapted to eMTB riding, mixing downhill and also extremely technical climbs, the E-Team Moustache pilot won his 1st gold medal on his Samedi 29 Trail 10! 

Samedi 29 Trail 8​ (2021​)

From the very first eMTB in our range back in 2012 until today, Moustache has never stopped innovating and developing the performance and design of these bikes. Whether it’s the evolution of the wheel size, the progressive integration of the battery inside the frame, the development of a Moustache rear suspension tailored to increase the performance of our mountain bikes, or the delicate work on our geometries year after year. 

The “Trail” family, which appeared in our range in 2016, has received numerous awards to the point of becoming emblematic of the Moustache brand. 

In 2021 and for the 2nd time in its history, our Trail 8 has been awarded best E-MTB of the year by the readers of the magazine Vélo Vert after a demanding test process. A real consecration! 

06 July 2022



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