Lundi 20

The Smiling Machine for families

Lundi 20 – the bike for families. For all members of the family, from the smallest to the biggest.
The bike that allows you to leave your car in the garage!
This is the bike that changes your life!

Practicality, efficiency, safety, comfort... nothing has been left to chance to make the Lundi 20 the bike that you can’t do without, that you can’t wait to get on and that you won’t want to get off ;-{D

Find out about our Lundi 20 through our game of seven families... you are sure to find a bit of your own family here and there: Seven families, seven mindsets, seven ways to experience your Lundi 20.

The Speed family

A packed timetable, a definite tendency to be late, the Speeds are always on the go and a bit behind schedule.
Fortunately, the Lundi 20 is efficient and saves time on every trip!

No more early morning rounds of the neighbourhood trying to find the car that the Speeds had to park far away from their flat, not sure where exactly! An electric cargo bike is THE solution for dispensing with the car on a daily basis!

No more running with the kids to avoid missing the bus or squeezing through the crowded underground at rush hour... with their Lundi 20, the Speeds can speed at their own pace, without limits ;-{D

The Multi-Facet family

Coming back from the market at 7 am to supply Dad’s restaurant, running the kids to school, then carrying Mum’s camera equipment before taking Horse (the dog!) to the vet...
Fortunately, the Lundi 20 is super-versatile!

It’s very easy for the Multi-Facets to configure their smiling machine around their daily agenda, which always changes at the last minute! Securing all types of loads in the blink of an eye is simple thanks to a wide range of dedicated accessories and the ALBERT protection bar. Whether they’re dropping off the Multi-Facet kids at their various activities or moving parcels of all kinds, they always have the right ingenious accessory.

Even if Daddy Multi-Facet is very, very strong and Mummy Multi-Facet is very petite, no problem! The Lundi 20 is suitable for people between 1.57 m (5’2”) and 1.90 m (6’3”) tall. The dropper seatpost makes it easy to adjust the seat height between riders.

The Daredevil family

The Daredevils are not the type to be afraid...
Fortunately, the Lundi 20 is equipped with all the safety features they need!

With a fearless tribe, it is better to have a smiling machine that does everything possible to promote stability. Thanks to the fame design, with its very low centre of gravity, it makes straddling easy while guaranteeing unfailing rigidity. And the famous Moustache handlebars offer a raised position which allows a 180° side view, indispensable when you need eyes in the back of your head in town!

The back of the Lundi 20 is reinforced with an ultra-strong mesh construction that supports up to 70 kg without any problems.

High-end and e-bike-specific brakes and lighting are, of course, included. With Grandpa Daredevil who loves speed but is no longer as alert as he used to be, the variable-intensity tail light, which warns other road users of braking and slowing down, is a real necessity!

The Daredevil children can sit comfortably and safely on board thanks to the ALBERT protection bar attached to the luggage rack, which protects them in the event of a fall or impact.

The integral wheel housing also acts as a mudguard and prevents straps and tensioners from getting caught in the spokes... or little children’s feet... because at the Daredevils’ house, even the little ones are great adventurers!

The Packed-In family

For the Packed-In family, every square inch is worth its weight in gold.
Fortunately, the Lundi 20 is no more bulky than a conventional bike and can easily be stored upright!

With a overall length of just 185 cm, it is the only truly compact longtail bike on the market, while retaining the possibility of riding with two children on the back!With a frame like this, the Packed-Ins can weave their way through the urban jungle and use the parking spaces provided for bikes.

Back home again, they can easily stand their smiling machine upright to fit it into the lift and then to place it, still upright, at the entrance to their flat: charming but not very big ;-{D

The Clumsy family

The Clumsys aren’t always the most skilful family ;-{D
Fortunately, the Lundi 20 is super manoeuvrable: it takes the corners easily, even with two children on board, and reacts quickly to hazards along the way!

Daddy Clumsy loves the 20” wheels which offer amazing agility and make all his manoeuvres easier, even the trickiest ones.

What Mummy Clumsy likes best is the dropper seatpost with height adjustment from the handlebar control. When she stops at traffic lights, she can keep both feet firmly on the ground and restart easily, even when driving with a full load or with the children acting up behind her!

Granny Clumsy can also keep her balance and control of this smiling machine in any situation!

The Softy family 

The Softy family always have aches and pains everywhere – or are in fear having aches and pains everywhere ;-{D
It’s a good thing, then, that the Lundi 20 is so comfortable!

For Daddy Softy, with a particularly delicate posterior, the highlight is the saddle! Soft yet firm, like a good armchair. And the seatpost which offers 40 mm of suspension to cushion his bottom gently.

Mummy Softy and the kids love the specially reinforced big volume tyres, which offer a perfect combination of cushioning comfort and performance.

And the Softy grandparents are fans of the optimised geometry of their smiling machine and its famous Moustache handlebars, which offer a perfectly balanced and comfortable riding position.

La Caravan family

Every time the Caravans go out, it’s like they’re taking their whole house with them, plus dad’s studio and mum’s workshop. Fortunately, Lundi 20 is ready for any load… well almost!

Even thought you might still wonder how they manage to move all their gear, the Caravans always come out on top thanks to the high total load capacity of this smiling machine… up to 200 kg!


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