Since the beginning, we have been convinced that a good e-bike is not just about the frame and motor.

Each part participates in the overall efficiency and if some parts are not at the right level, can have a huge negative impact on the performance.
Wheels are probably the best example.

It’s out of the question to lose even one watt of power because of a pair of wheels that are not up to the job. We have looked deep into the subject and tested a huge number of wheels on the market without much success, because none of them were perfectly adapted to our e-bikes. We have therefore created our own wheels and enhanced them over the years, for ever more dynamism and efficiency. Discover our different models.


In E-MTB, the wheels need to be dynamic and high performing but also able to accompany you for many years. This is why we have designed and produced our own JUST_MOUSTACHE rims using aluminum 6061-E that’s ultra strong. Welded and thermically treated, they are then micro glass-bead blasted to increase their strength and their lifetime. The sides are specially reinforced to resist possible impacts and their asymmetric profile enables us to achive homogenous tensioning between the 2 sets of spokes, guaranteeing greater stability and improved dynamism. And so you can ride serenely, our wheels are mounted Tubeless, all you need to do is add Tubeless sealant. The Shimano hubs with cartridge bearings help to reduce friction as low as possible, always with the aim to improve dynamism and performance!

Samedi 27 Wide / Weekend

Asymmetric wheels JUST_MOUSTACHE aluminum 27.5+

Specifically conceived for the Maxxis 27.5×2.8 tires that we chose during our tests, the JUST_MOUSTACHE aluminum rim in 27.5+ uses an internal width of 35mm, offering the best balance to keep a “balloon” tire that doesn’t penalise steering or control when leaning.
Therefore, the ride stays perfectly natural and dynamic! Just_Perfect!!!

Samedi 29 Trail / Game

Asymmetric wheels JUST_MOUSTACHE aluminum 29”

As with our 27.5+ rim, we specifically designed her big sister for the Maxxis Assegai 29×2.50 tires used on our Trail and Game ranges. This time we opted for an internal width of 31mm to match perfectly with the 2.50 tires. The 2.50 section brings incredible precision and the 29” size offers huge capabilities for passing obstacles and leaning into turns whether you’re a novice or experienced rider!

Samedi 29 Trail 10 / Game 10

Asymmetric wheels JUST_CARBON 29”

Using the high resistance Toray T700S carbon fiber technology, the Moustache JUST_CARBON 29” rim is designed to fulfill the expectations of the most demanding riders. The carbon rims bring stiffness and dynamism to the whole. Their capacity to find their original form after a shock ensures spoke tensioning stays constant. Nothing less would do to free the power of our Trail 10 and Game 10!


Our urban and hybrid bikes, even if they are not destined for competition, also benefit from our latest developments in wheel technology.

The JUST_MOUSTACHE technology

The JUST_MOUSTACHE technology created for MTB has been declined into a lighter, but just as well performing version in order to offer a dynamic ride.

The double walled

The double walled aluminum 6061-E rims are welded and thermically treated, then micro glass-bead blasted to increase their strength and their lifetime.

Asymmetric profile

As on our MTB we use an asymmetric profile to gain homogenous tensioning between the 2 sets of spokes, the dynamism is improved, and above all the stability is reinforced so you can ride safely.

It works for them

The Just_Moustache is used on the different models in our Friday 28, Friday 27 FS Speed, Samedi 28, Samedi 27 Xroad and Samedi 27 Xroad FS families.


Our Moustache wheels were conceived so that you could ride confidently, with speed, stability and control. You can also count on Tubeless compatibility and the possibility to use wider tires if you wish.
The CNC aluminum hubs with cartridge bearings ensure long life and smooth functioning.
The thru-axle dimensions are 12x100mm at the front and 12x142mm at the rear. They guarantee maximum stiffness whilst enabling fast mounting and dismounting.

Moustache al:30 wheels

Our Moustache al:30 wheels pass a milestone in sporting capacity with their rim height of 30mm. Conceived in aluminum 6061-E and thermically treated, they have 24 triple butted spokes to obtain the best ratio between weight and performance.

Moustache c:45 wheels (on Dimanche 28.7)

Our Moustache c:45 wheels in lightweight carbon are the modern incarnation of wheels for disc brakes. Conceived in high resistance Toray T700S carbon with a height of 45mm, aerodynamics, comfort and dynamism are brought together in an explosive cocktail. Also built with 24 triple butted spokes for a super ratio of weight and performance, the carbon rims bring stiffness and dynamism to the whole.


Because every little detail counts!


Ahhhhhh the famous Moustache handlebar... the basis of everything!

Technologie guidon Flexbar

The handlebar that filters vibrations!



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