The famous Moustache handlebar

Ahhhhhh the famous Moustache handlebar… the basis of everything! Invented by our ancestors, we updated it to today’s tastes and offered it a brand new design while reinforcing its legendary comfort thanks to a very natural hand position.

We developed more than four different versions, with little variations of angle each time until we found the perfect shape. It’s made from Aluminum 6061 tubes, just like our frames, and it has the same thermic treatments as them for maximum strength.


Lundi 27

On the Lundi 27 we kept this iconic and emblamatic handlebar on the most urban of our bikes. Its riding position offers a wide angle of vision that’s ultra practical to keep control over the surrounding traffic or admire the beauty of the landscape! And what to say of its ergonomy, a straight back and natural hand position which offer unparalleled comfort.

Samedi 28

Samedi 28 uses a version of the Moustache handlebar that’s a little lower to give a balanced position particularly suited to long rides. For this season 10 all our Samedi 28 benefit from the raised version, praised for its comfort.

Friday 27 FS Speed & Samedi 27 Xroad

For the Friday 27 FS Speed and Samedi 27 Xroad, the Moustache bar is more sporty and curved. Its semi-raised ergonomy is very comfortable and offers a wide range of usage. On the Samedi 27 Xroad range, the height of the handlebar can now be adjusted to better adapt to everyones’ needs.

Friday 28

Friday 28 benefits from the ingenious Flexbar handlebar, developed with our friends at Baramind. Their technology filters out irregularities on the ground and any vibrations just as a wide volume air tire would!
Coupled with the ingenious Quick-Park stem which enables you to turn the handlebar by 90° with one turn of the hand to gain space, your Friday 28 will be able to easily squeeze between others in a bike park or make itself unnoticed in a narrow corridor… practical!


The position of your hands has a huge impact on your comfort and pleasure when riding. This is particularly true for MTBs. We have therefore designed three handlebars in thermically treated aluminum 6061 that benefit from an ergonomy adapted to each riding style:

Samedi 27 WIDE & WEEKEND

For gentle rides and outings (Samedi 27 WIDE and WEEKEND): with its 740mm width, it brings a comfortable riding position and precise handling to weave through everywhere, even in the most dense forests.

Samedi 29 TRAIL

For All Mountain riding (Samedi 29 TRAIL): 760mm wide to even better control the bar when the countryside passes by quicker and quicker, but always as comfortable thanks to a geometry favoring comfort and a natural wrist position.

Samedi 29 GAME

For Enduro… (Samedi 29 GAME): 780mm wide to put you in the attack position whilst managing the beast in any situation.


Just_Carbon: for ever more high performance we have created our 760 and 780 in carbon, that don’t push past 205g on the scales!

Road & Gravel

A special attention was paid to our Road & Gravel handlebars.

Dimanche 28

The objective was to have a position that was both ergonomic and comfortable to take on long rides without accumulating fatigue. For this we added a light backsweep on the upper part of the bar in order to have more open shoulders than on a standard road bar. In complement, we also worked on the flaring aswell as the height in order to obtain a position on the lower part of the handlebar that is more comfortable. You can therefore take as much enjoyment in climbing as in descending, which is a philosophy very dear to us at Moustache. You will never want to ride with another handlebar! ;-{D

Dimanche 29

In the same spirit as our road handlebar, a gravel version was conceived, bringing even more polyvalence and stability to the bike, notably on trail use. For this the flaring was accentuated for a perfect hold and handling that is both precise and not tiring. And since our bikes invite you on adventure, we widened our bars in order to offer more serenity and a perfect control for those who want to attack on the most demanding terrain.



Quick-Park stem

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