Built for adventure

Live each ride to the max, always with a smile!

The TRAIL is the perfect union of two ambitions: versatility and performance. Whether you love climbing for hours or racing your mates, it will quench your thirst for trails.

A cocktail of fun and performance

+125Wh, +2°, -10mm, -1°, -5mm, +18mm…
Insignificant modifications for some… But efficiency and fun are multiplied by 10!

How to improve on our TRAIL that was voted E-MTB of the year last year? How to pass from 625 to 750Wh of on-board energy whilst keeping the center of gravity so low? How to make our suspension even more high performance? Such was the challenge that Simon and Florian in our R&D team had to take on.

In looks our new TRAIL may seem very close to the previous generation, however it’s entirely new!

An even more optimized geometry

The geometry was also totally reworked to benefit from this new battery. The seat angle has been steepened by 2°, the head tube angle flattened by 1°, the bottom bracket lowered by 5 mm, the top tube lengthened by 18 mm and the stem shortened by 10 mm. We have even nitpicked over the improvements by modifying angles by 0,2°... Yes, yes we have done that, and it changes everything! You probably think that we are crazy... But yes all that for you to have more fun! ;-{D

The TRAIL range is available in sizes S, M, L & XL.

An innovative aluminum frame with versatile geometry

Very specific work was carried out to fully rethink our frame in order to perfect the integration of the new battery. The down tube was entirely redrawn, with the shapes and thicknesses optimized. We even developed a stiffness booster welded in the interior of the tube to compensate for the larger opening.

By using the process of hydroforming and tubes of varying thickness, we have optimized the frame to gain weight savings and reinforce critical zones.
The polished finishings give a similar look to a carbon frame and increase the double Tig welds’ resistance to fatigue.

Increased battery life

The new 750Wh battery offers an incredible opportunity. At Moustache +20%* of battery life rhymes with +20% of fun.
*compared with a 625Wh model

Pin-point integration accuracy

Our know-how enables us to position the battery as close as possible to the motor and to effectively distribute the weight on the frame to produce a dynamic ride feel for our "Smiling Machines".

A battery that can be removed in the blink of an eye

5 min is the average time spent finding keys in order to remove the battery from the frame. The new double security locking system conceived by our engineers’ makes it easy to install and helps keep it secure.

Made to measure shock technology: Magic Grip Control

Convinced that we could go further in developing suspension solutions truly adapted to the specificities of e-bikes, we decided to develop our own rear shocks, Magic Grip Control.
Countless hours of tests and fine tuning enabled us to make the TRAIL suspension even more comfortable, efficient and dynamic!

The Magic Grip Control offers a reliable and complex technology, that can be adjusted in two clicks! The integrated “SAG” indicator permits easy adjustment to find the optimal setting for your riding. The new fixation system on a floating axle enables a perfect alignment of the shock with the frame, eliminating any unwanted friction. The sensitivity and overall quality of the curve are therefore improved.

The mobile application at the center of the Smart System

Available on the TRAIL 5, 7, 9 & 11

Croquis téléphone
Croquis téléphone

Personalize your own assistance modes (Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo) thanks to the eBike Flow app, which also integrates your personal favorite applications and automatically synchronizes your activity data.

Install your updates, save your activities as well as data from your rides and your performance indicators, or personalize your assistance modes and keep an eye on important information such as the amount of charge in the battery, the date of the next service or even the GPS guiding system.
For a personalized riding experience and maximum riding fun, other functions will also be offered in the future with automatic updates of the eBike Flow application.

Kiox 300



Kiox 300

A color screen adapted to MTB usage

- Multiple functionalities available thanks to the Ebike Flow app and automatic updates for the evolving functionalities
- Small but strong! Its format ensures easy readability and its design protects it from any water or dust
- Modularity and ergonomics: the screen support enables a personalized positioning on the handlebar.

LED Remote

LED Remote

A control center that’s entirely connected and easy to use

- LED display for incredibly easy to read information whatever the light conditions
- Wireless connection to your smartphone via the eBike Flow app
- Intelligent walk assist for difficult sections with the Walk Assist button
- Ergonomic and customizable to ease use when riding

A fork in perfect unity with the rear Moustache suspension

29" Wheels

Unbelievable precision and incredible capacity for overcoming obstacles. Resistance to shocks and consistent spoke tension. Crazy grip...
It is almost impossible to list all the benefits of the Moustache rim developed and assembled in France.

Slow down your fervor

With their 4 pistons and 203 mm disks, it’s no wonder that the Shimano brakes are the most popular on the market!

Easy to use from the outset with their nice feel, they deliver an ideal progressive braking when things accelerate and you must think about slowing down. Their legendary faultless reliability will not disappoint you.

TRAIL recipe

Tracé du vélo

Which TRAIL is made for you?

Available in 4 different configurations

  • Color(s)

  • Motor / battery

    Bosch Performance Line CX / PowerTube 750Wh / Smart System

  • Display

    Kiox 300 / LED Remote / Smart System

  • Autonomy

    Up to 129jm

  • Fork

    FOX, Float 36 Performance

  • Drivetrain

    Shimano XT, 12-speed

  • Brakes

    Shimano, BR-M8120, hydraulic disc brake, 4 pistons

  • Color(s)

  • Motor / battery

    Bosch Performance Line CX / PowerTube 750Wh / Smart System

  • Display

    Intuvia 100 / LED Remote / Smart System

  • Autonomy

    Up to 129jm

  • Fork

    Marzocchi Bomber Z2

  • Drivetrain

    Shimano Deore, 11-speed


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