Tandem électrique Moustache

To leave the car in the garage...

Such were our first words, our first beliefs when we started Moustache several years ago. They are just as relevant 10 years on, but we didn’t imagine we’d be leaving so many cars behind so many garage doors.

All that, thanks to you!
And thanks to this magic tool, E-bikes!
It’s the bike that opens opportunities: E-bikes are opening the way to new experiences, to new horizons, to new users. The range of possibilities they offer has almost no limits.

Our initial range included 7 models. The range you’ll find in the following pages includes close to 69 bikes that we have developed with care, with passion, with conviction! 69 ways to have fun! 69 good reasons to take a bike and leave the car in the garage!

Why Moustache ?

The moustache has been an integral part of the history of the bicycle for a long time now. Look no further than the famous moustache handlebar! Our handlebars are innovative and can be considered as a modern take on the famous moustache handlebars of the past. Every moustache is unique, every moustache is recognizable, every moustache has a strong identity, just like our bikes!

Moustache is the strong belief that e-bikes are an incredible opportunity for the development of cycling! As we see it, they are an excellent alternative to cars. A quality e-bike can bring happiness, whether it be in an urban environment, or leisure rides, or for more intense riding.

It’s a certain vision of the e-bike. A different, modern, innovative and qualitative vision. It’s the desire to consider the rider as our priority, the center of our thought and development process. It’s the desire to offer bikes that are both unique and rewarding by combining design, comfort and ease of use.

Moustache is also a walk bike for learning to ride. It’s the only bike without electric pedal assistance, but for us it’s one of the most important bikes in our collection: it’s the first bike, the one that will ignite a passion in the youngest of riders!

Moustache is a structured collection with 14 families to cover all the different riding needs: urban, all road, road, mountain bike and kids’ bikes, so you can find the right Moustache for you!

Why are our bikes named like days of the week?

Ever since the founding of Moustache, we have always wanted to offer bicycles so the car can be left in the garage—every day. So naming our bikes after the days of the week was an obvious choice. For us, each day corresponds to a specific way of cycling, and therefore a Moustache bike.


On Monday we start the week, we go to work, we go to town, we do some shopping. The bike designed for the daily urban commute is the Lundi 27!
The Lundi is the first bike Moustache ever designed. We wanted it to be comfortable, practical, and different. The unique, iconic and timeless style of the Lundi is immediately recognizable in both its 2012 and 2022 versions.


This is a reference to “Friday wear” or “dress down Friday,” the Anglo-Saxon tradition of going to the office in cool and relaxed attire as the end of the week approaches. Our Friday was designed to be both urban and a fun ride, as well as sporty to enjoy every ride on the weekend or during the week.


Wednesday is children’s day, so we dedicated a special bike to them: the Mercredi 12 training bike, which is Moustache’s only non-electric bike. This is the starter bike, the one that generates that passion. There is no minimum age for wearing a Moustache :-{D


Who isn’t familiar with those famous Sunday cyclists? The ones who cruise the roads, getting passed by cars on the steepest climbs. Sunday is the ideal day to ride a road or gravel bike. Climbing hills, wearing out the asphalt, getting into difficulties, trying to out-compete friends… what a pleasure it is to ride on a Sunday!

For us, Saturday is synonymous with freedom and leisure! It’s the perfect day for getting some fresh air, whether it’s mountain biking in the forest, or discovering new horizons on less challenging terrain. Everyone has their own way of enjoying Saturday, on all types of terrain.

And then, you may ask, what do numbers 12, 20, 27, 28, 29 stand for?
They correspond to the wheel sizes mounted on our bikes. So the Lundi 27 has 27″ wheels while the Samedi 28 has 28″ wheels.

And what about the others?

XROAD—ultra versatile: “One for all, and all to do it with!” Thanks to its dynamic frame and equipment, it combines the skills of both an urban bike and a mountain bike.

OFF is addictive: climbing, descending, turning, jumping, attacking, or just cruising in the wild. OFF is a family designed for expanding your playground and keep on rolling. There’s something for everyone: beginners, experienced riders… and even kids!

WIDE opens up new possibilities: blaze more trails, break out of your comfort zone, explore new terrain, and redefine what you thought was possible.

X2: 2X the fun!! 2X more sharing!! 4X more magic!!!!
For sharing your passion, your emotions, sharing a moment, a discovery, a journey, a nice place, or simply sharing a moment of pleasure…
Samedi 27 X2 is unique as it multiplies all emotions by 2!

Team Moustache

About the company!

Moustache is situated in the Vosges, the place where we grew up, where our families and our values are based. We strongly believe that a company’s strength is founded on its people. We have built ours on the synergy of our skills. After starting with two people, Manu (development) and Greg (sales), two enthusiasts crazy enough to embark on such an adventure, there are now nearly 170 of us developing and producing bikes for you.

nouveau batiment moustache

As of January 1st, 2019, Moustache has turned a new page. Our small factory in the Vosges moved to new, larger premises in order to create a better, more modern and more fulfilling working environment. This new infrastructure also allows us to increase our production capacity in order to respond to the growing popularity of electrically assisted bikes.
In 2022, we started the construction of a brand new Moustache building which should be completed by 2023! 3200m² of additional space, 100% powered by renewable energy thanks to a roof covered with solar panels. It will also have a rainwater recovery system and electric recharging stations… Can’t wait for the house-warming party! ;-{D


Seeking to bring ever more added value and Vosges know-how to our bikes, our teams are constantly working to improve our quality processes and our production tools. A new production line for our Moustache wheels was built in 2020 in order to control the quality of our products from start to finish, and above all to be able to develop expertise in this field in-house.
We won’t tell you any more just yet, but there are plenty of other innovations to come from within the company ;-{D



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