A dream come true

I’m more than just a bike; I epitomise effortless simplicity
I’m more than just a bike; I represent natural movement
J am not a bike but a brand-new day

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J, original design

Emmanuel Antonot

Co-founder of Moustache Bikes

We dreamt of a bike that was more open and comfortable than ever before, a bike that would go further than anything we had made before. A magical bike that would inspire people to take up cycling or rediscover the joy of riding a bike.

We dreamt of making this bike entirely in France, close to home, using a short supply chain, and reviving skills that had been neglected in France for years.

We wanted J to represent a new day for cycling pleasure and a new approach to designing and manufacturing a bike.

However, turning this dream into reality was not easy. Three years of effort from our teams and partners were required. Three years of pushing our boundaries. Three years that gave even more meaning to the Moustache adventure!

The founders of Moustache share this dream with you:


In 2011, the Moustache project started with a blank canvas. For J, we revisited that blank canvas and started from scratch, freeing ourselves from constraints to create our dream bike, our wildest dream!

As soon as it was revealed, J received the Eurobike  Gold Award 2023 in June, a prestigious prize awarded at the world’s largest bicycle trade fair.

We’re very proud of this international recognition, which rewards all our team for their determination, creativity and precision!

Discover J

Moustache’s R&D and design teams share their challenges:

Made in France

I’m more than just a bike; I’m unparalleled French workmanship

Our teams and partners share the challenges of manufacturing J in France:

more sustainable

Short supply chain

Producing our bikes in France reduces the travel distance of our frames from over 9,300 miles to less than 620 miles – a significant step and great satisfaction for our teams.

Optimised material sourcing

For optimal quality, our foundry partner uses a first-fusion aluminium alloy sourced from French and Italian suppliers. The aluminium is refined directly from ore, without reprocessing various aluminium residues or impurities. All scraps and surplus materials are recycled through remelting.

Solvent-free powder coating

To further reduce our impact, we use solvent-free powder coating for the frame, eliminating the use of solvents and providing enhanced durability for a longer-lasting finish.

Like floating on a cloud

J is ultra-comfortable

It features adjustable full suspension and a comfortable saddle.

The Moustache Magic Grip Control hydro-pneumatic rear shock magically smooths out all obstacles.

Its geometry prioritises comfort, with an ergonomic Moustache handlebar and adjustable stem for a natural, upright position.

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Child’s play

J is easy to use

With an open frame that is easy to step over.

Dropper seat post that lowers with a simple press of the thumb, making it easy to put your feet on the ground.

The rear suspension is easy to adjust depending on the user’s weight and there’s an adaptive lever for different loads and terrains.

Automatic gear transitions: smooth, jerk-free and hassle-free! (on the ‘Automatiq’ versions).

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Like a magic carpet

J is ultra-efficient

The rigid frame and unified swinging arm suspension transfer all the energy to the rear wheel without loss.

Plus, you can go even further by fitting an additional Bosch PowerMore battery.

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J is smooth

Equipped with the Bosch Performance Line motor (75 Nm), it’s quiet, progressive, natural and powerful.

The ‘Enviolo’ versions have a belt drive and continuously variable hub transmission.

The low rolling resistance and silent tyres include Schwalbe Super Moto-X (27.5x2.4) or Johnny Watts (27.5x2.6) // Maxxis Rekon (29x2.4) depending on the model.

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New configurations

Moving forward, J offers three distinct configurations: J. on Nexus, J. on Automatiq and J. all Automatiq!

J, a new chapter, a new design, a new narrative, a new perspective on cycling – each ride more comfortable and effortlessly intuitive.

At Moustache, we have a passion for internal gear hubs – user-friendly, virtually maintenance-free, sleek and primed to shift seamlessly in any situation.
From day one, J has been designed with an Enviolo hub, offering seamless, continuous and ultra-fluid gear transitions – effortlessly adjustable by a simple twist of the control handle.
But because we dare to dream bigger, striving for an unprecedented level of simplicity, comfort and fluidity, we’ve crafted a new configuration featuring automatic gear shifting on the J. on and the J. all Enviolo!

Whether you’re a gear-shifting pro or a daydreamer, there’s no need to fret about forgetting to switch gears at a light or when tackling a hill – the Enviolo Automatiq drivetrain takes care of it for you! Your gears will seamlessly shift on their own, requiring no action on your part. All that’s left to do is enjoy your ride – simply enjoy pedalling comfortably and at the right pace in peace.

As our mission unfolds to inspire more individuals to embrace biking, we’re committed to making the J more accessible, without compromising the effortless functionality of internal gear hubs. We’re excited to announce the birth of its little brother: J. on Nexus!
Its 5 integrated hub gears shift effortlessly with a twist of the handle, perfectly tailored for urban commuting. No upkeep, no mess and bid farewell to chain skipping!

J. Automatiq

J is the bike Moustache has always envisioned – more open, fluid and comfortable than ever before, embodying simplicity, beauty and sheer pleasure in its user-friendly design!
Our new configurations, J. on Automatiq and J. all Automatiq, epitomise this vision to the fullest!
With the Enviolo drivetrain featuring automatic, seamless and fluid gear shifting, experience cycling like never before: effortlessly rhythmic, always in sync, without ever wondering when or how to change gears. The system handles it all for you, seamlessly and silently, ensuring utmost comfort.
Decelerate, halt, resume, ascend a hill, descend a hill, accelerate!
Maintain your free spirit, completely unburdened by gear-shifting!
Set at 65 rotations per minute, your pedalling rhythm remains consistent regardless of the conditions.
No need to exert yourself anymore due to forgotten gear changes at lights or approaching hills! You’ll always start off in the correct gear, pedalling effortlessly and efficiently.
And if your comfort rhythm is slower or faster, you can adjust it precisely right from your display.
With the Auto mode of the Bosch system paired with its robust 75 Nm Performance motor, assistance is consistently delivered at the optimal level, eliminating the need for manual adjustments or second-guessing. Easy, too easy!
Embrace your surroundings, relish the joy of cycling, feel the breeze, smile at every light, ascent, descent and let your smile grow wider!

J. Nexus

At Moustache, we love to dream, but we always stay grounded!
That’s why we’re unveiling a new J configuration, the J. on Nexus, featuring an integrated gear-shifting system, perfect for urban adventures. The Shimano Nexus 5 system boasts 5 seamlessly integrated gears. Highly reliable, maintenance-free and immune to chain skipping, this system provides straightforward and intuitive gear shifts – even when stationary – via a simple twist of the control handle.
Ideally suited for urban riding, the 5 gears ensure smooth transitions whether you’re cycling leisurely, in a rush or taking a shortcut through town.
Should the wind pick up or you encounter a steep hill, the assistance system automatically adapts to the optimal level – no manual adjustments or guesswork required, thanks to the Auto mode of the Bosch system and its powerful 75 Nm Performance motor. All you need to do is twist the handle to shift gears, adjusting your pedalling rhythm and effort. Easy-peasy!

A magical combination

J is the smiling machine that has solved an incredibly complex equation: bringing together a combination of magical qualities that are often challenging to reconcile technically...


The frame consists of just two parts connected by an axle and two oversized bearings, open, rigid and suspended. No welds, clean lines, with integrated cables, Bosch ConnectModule tracker, motor and battery.
Adjustable full suspension providing regal comfort without wasting energy.

Bosch Smart System

An intelligent system that connects your smartphone to your bike via the eBike Flow app, offering numerous features.
State-of-the-art anti-theft protection with eBike Lock and eBike Alarm (via Bosch ConnectModule) included.

Bosch motor

Bosch Performance Line motor with Bosch 500 or 625 Wh battery, plus the option for an additional 250 Wh Bosch PowerMore battery.

Accessories / Equipment

Sturdy and enveloping Moustache tubular mudguards.
Minimalist luggage rack with integrated QL3 supports for compatible bags or a suspended luggage rack with an MIK HD platform, suitable for a child seat or basket.


Integrated and adjustable front lighting with 100 lux power.


Comfortable saddle and dropper seat post with handlebar control for easy foot placement.


Magic Grip Control hydro-pneumatic rear shock that magically smooths out all obstacles.


Ergonomic Moustache handlebar and adjustable stem for an ultra-comfortable, elevated position.


- Chain-driven drivetrain with derailleur
- Chain-driven drivetrain with integrated gear hub
- Belt drive with integrated gear hubs
- Automatic drivetrain

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Three versions to unleash your desires

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J. on

The urban one...

Leave your car behind!

Easy to ride, easy to park, easy to use, easy to maintain. And thieves had better watch out! Because J is armed to the teeth! ;-{D

Discover J. on

J. all

The versatile one...

Want to do it all with just one bike?

Don’t limit yourself anymore! Ride wherever you want – on asphalt, gravel or dirt, J can handle it thanks to its high-performance suspension and mixed tyres!

Discover J. all

J. off

The sporty one...

Why limit off-road cycling to an ultra-sporty elite?

Finally, a completely open full suspension frame to make off-road cycling accessible to everyone! You dreamt it, we made it ;-{D

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J is multiple

Explore surreal worlds with each configuration

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  • A dream come true
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  • Like floating on a cloud
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  • A magical combination
  • J is multiple

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