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Friday 27 FS Speed

Having to live our hectic lives we dream of being able to shorten the distances and to control time: we want to go both further and faster.
If we do not offer complete time control yet, we suggest that you get to know our Friday 27 FS Speed a little better, as this bike may surprise you.

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Friday 27 FS Speed speeds things up!

At Moustache Bikes we are convinced that your bike trips can also be synonymous with efficiency, without sacrificing anything to pleasure.
The Friday 27 FS Speed ​​is part of a new generation of bikes, the Speed ​​bikes.

A good reason to leave the car in the garage

Friday 27 FS Speed offers an excellent alternative to public transportation or combustion-powered vehicles for your daily trips!
Do you live on the outskirts of the city, in the countryside, or do you simply have to ride long distances every day in a limited time while wanting to leave the car in the garage? The solution to this type of mobility is probably the Speed bike. If everyone is convinced of the usefulness of bicycles and electric bikes, beyond a certain distance to cover, users are looking for a means of transport faster than an e-bike in order to travel longer and safe rides. Our Friday 27 FS Speed perfectly meets these requirements regardless of age or physical condition. Learn More.

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