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12 September 2020

Lundi 26 was the very first Moustache!

Lundi 26 was our icon, the very first Moustache we designed, and it had hardly changed in 10 years of existence, we thought it was impossible!

How to renew the Lundi 26?

So how to renew and develop this iconic Moustache??
How to make a Lundi remain a Lundi, recognizable at first glance…?

By preserving its deep DNA!

It requires some key visual elements, to clearly identify it as a Moustache:

Moustache handlebar

The Moustache handlebar stands out, offering a very comfy raised position that allows a wide-angle vision which is ideal for the urban areas to stay alert. This is also so much better to enjoy your surroundings while riding by the lake!

Integrated headlight and the rectangular head tube

The integrated headlight and the rectangular head tube were one of the signatures of this model and a marker of its inimitable style.

Low stepover

The open frame offers an ultra-low stepover for great accessibility! This is what contributes to the bike versatility making users feel immediately comfortable and at ease behind its handlebar.

Unique design

The design comes from the original vision of Manu Antonot, co-founder of the brand. Lundi 26 was the first pencil stroke of the Moustache family and it led to a unique look that lasted for 10 years, something hard to imagine in the cycling world!

But there are also some invisible details, that makes a Lundi a Lundi: its dynamic, safe, and secure handling with its ultra-comfortable upright riding position, coupled with its agility to get through traffic.

Lundi 27, new icon!

To leave the car in the garage, on Monday,
and every other day of the week!!!

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