I’ve decided, I’m leaving my car in the garage
(for good)!

Why and how to ride an electric bike? Why Moustache? Which bike to choose?
We offer a complete guide with practical advice to help future users through this transition!

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02 May 2020

« And if I changed my habits? And if I moved to a new means of transport? And if I moved to an electric bike??


Great idea! … Firstly to facilitate getting about every day, in the open air, whilst helping the planet; secondly to do a little (more) physical activity, but also for my safety and that of those close to me during the deconfinement. »
With our fast paced lives, our packed agendas balanced between work, family and leisure, we get used to routine and habits are difficult to change. We are all the same!
However, riding an electric bike has never been so easy and it’s so convenient!
Between allowances towards purchase, town infrastructures developing and the increasing ranges on offer, on paper you just have to take the step and choose the bike to accompany you in your new daily life.
Here are several elements to inform you and help you in this transition.

Why ride an electric bike?

(Re)Discover the pleasure of riding a bike

Bikes are fun! Who doesn’t remember their first bike, their first turns of the wheels? We’re all big kids, and what pleasure to get on an electric bike, to turn the pedals and feel our effort multiplied by ten! It’s as if you were a superhero!
At Moustache we pay special attention to comfort and to the ergonomy of our builds and we want you to feel at ease once you’re on the saddle of one of our bikes. Everything falls into place, it feels natural, we feel at home.
Then we push on the pedals and the magic happens: a big smile lights up your face. It’s what we call the « Smiling Machine » effect, the machine that makes you smile!

The wind in your hair (under the helmet), the landscape goes by, the sensation of freedom engulfs you, nothing stops you, not even the climb that usually frightens you on a classic bike. And yes, thanks to the assistance we no longer object to climbing, we sometimes even extend our rides. Incidentally for those that wish to use an electric bike for going to work, the e-bike enables you to arrive at your place of work fresh, without having broken a sweat. You’ll no longer feel like you’ve done a stage of the Tour de France before turning on your computer!
To know more about your daily commute, take a look at this article that we’ve written in partnership with www.vélotaf.com

Assisted yes, but it’s still you that provides (part of) the effort!

No, no, it’s not a bike for lazy people! Riding an electric bike also means doing physical activity! We tend to forget it, but the motor is only there to help. It’s really you that provides the effort, that the motor then supplements at differing levels, depending on the level of assistance that you have selected. You no longer risk going into the red zone on the first climb! Whether you’re young or elderly, you’ll work your cardio in the best possible way. It’s good for your body and your health!
It’s also so good for your mental health to feel wings pushing you, to go out on a ride, to widen your playground or to go out exploring the nature that we’ve so missed over these last weeks…

For a good number of users it’s simply the chance to go back to riding a bike! Magic!
An electric bike is good for your body but also your mind! As a saying from the famous writer Arthur Conan Doyle states :  “When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking.”. Even better than a consultation with a psychologist, riding a bike will clear your mind. We guarantee you results!

Get about easily and quickly

We are convinced that the electric bicycle is the ultimate solution for getting about on a daily basis, and without doubt the best way of getting from A to B as quickly as possible in town. On a bike you are FREE and independent! No more nightmare journeys on the Tram or the Metro, strikes, disruptions, traffic jams, the parking space that’s so hard to find…. You’ll gain time and avoid stress!

In urban or suburban areas, or in the countryside, the electric bike has its place.
The time is right to go to work, do an errand or do the shopping on a bike. And it’s often faster than by car, which is what we call combining business with pleasure!

A gesture for the planet

It took two months of confinement to get good quality air. Let’s keep that going forward! In getting about on an electric bike you reduce resorting to vehicles powered by fossil fuels, you help declutter the roads and you are participating in improving air quality. Taking up less than 1 m² on the ground, a lot less than a car (between 6 and 9 m²), on a bike we free up a huge amount of public space, a rare commodity these days…
All this contributes to making our towns and the environment in which we live more pleasant. If there is one thing that the confinement has shown us it’s the benefit that a little calm can have on us! « Yes but the batteries? They pollute both in production of raw materials and the recycling, it’s not very green all of that! »
The first thing to remember is that the battery on an electric bike is small and light, around 2.5kg, and so needs only a small amount of raw materials.

In comparison, a small electric car with a capacity of 40 KWh, needs the equivalent of 80 e-bike batteries (of 500 Wh). A Berline that’s 100 KWh uses the equivalent of 200 e-bike batteries… often to transport just one person. On this point especially, the environmental footprint of an e-bike is between 80 and 200 times less than a car.
What’s more, an e-bike only weighs on average 20 to 25 kg … again we have to compare that to the 1000 to 2200 kg of a car, whether it’s electric or not.
For our batteries (and our motors), we have chosen to work only with the German brand Bosch who have very strict specifications on the procurement of raw materials and the production of batteries. For everything around recycling, we work with the company COREPILE to recycle used batteries, and after treating these, 60 to 70 % of the battery can be reused.

A favorable time for bikes

We are currently living through a situation without precedent, and the bike will have a role to play in coming out of confinement, as numerous médias have been underlining for several weeks. When travelling on a bike you respect social distancing measures and you avoid public transport, which means transport is less crowded and therefore safer for those who really need it.

Bicycle use is now encouraged by numerous politicians and communities who have already put into place programmes to create temporary cycle paths.
Let’s hope that the temporary becomes the standard!

How to ride an electric bike?

You’ve decided to convert to electric? Let’s do it together!
We offer a wide range of bikes to accompany you in this new mobility

Whether it’s for urban use, paths, road, MTB or children, Moustache offers a structured range of 13 model families covering all needs with a wide range of different parts and prices.
All our models correspond to a type of usage to suit your needs, but all equally possess the ingredients that are part of the DNA of our bikes: a high end frame, they’re stiff and reassuring with a dynamic ride feel, a comfortable position, a Bosch motor, economical energy use, natural, supple and powerful, a long autonomy thanks to the 400 to 625Wh batteries, and practical accessories. Our only objective is to see your face lit up with a wide smile and that you take pleasure in munching up the kilometers.
All this is summed up in our slogan « Smiling Machine »!

We think about the little details that make the difference

Much more than a detail, our Moustache handlebar offers a comfortable natural riding position.  Some models are even equipped with our Quick-Park stem which enables you to park your bike in a narrow corridor by cleverly turning the handlebar by 90° with a simple turn of the hand. All our urban and multi-use bikes have powerful lighting and luggage racks which enable quick and easy attachment of our QL3 panniers in one click. Almost all are equipped with a MIK platform to quickly fix any accessory that’s compatible with this standard, and the overwhelming majority of baby carriers are.

Another Moustache innovation, our tubular mud guards are ultra solid and will stay perfectly centered on the wheel for optimal protection. Don’t hesitate to look over the urban and versatile family pages on our site which will give you all the information you need about this.
Riding a bike has never been so convenient: doing shopping, taking children to school, going to work on a bike… there is nothing (or almost) that you can’t do on an e-bike!

More and more affordable bikes

From €1999 you can ride a high performance e-bike with all the Moustache qualities, high end frame, ergonomic handlebar, QL3 luggage rack, Bosch system, all this to start off serenely with a sustainable product. There are also numerous grants available for buying an electric bike which make our products even more affordable.

Why choose Moustache ?

A 100% electric brand

The electric bike as the solution for the future? At Moustache Bikes we have believed in it for 10 years now, it’s what motivates us and pushes us every day to develop innovative products!

Founded in 2011, Moustache Bikes is a French brand 100% dedicated to electric bikes, conceived and assembled in the Vosges region of France. Moustache has a committed vision for electric bikes marrying design, comfort and ergonomy. It’s the strong conviction that e-bikes represent an incredible opportunity for developing bicycle usage!

We would be delighted to also see you wear the Moustache, so if you would like more information  on one of our products, don’t hesitate to go through the door of one of our numerous stockists that you’ll find pretty much everywhere in France! They will be able to advise you and orient you towards the right bike for you! To find the seller closest to you, go here.

What could be better than a test to make up your own mind? We could speak for hours but nothing can replace a test! We encourage you to plan a test by contacting your local Moustache dealer.

Made in France !

Moustache has now created 110 direct jobs! And in the end, that’s what we are most proud of!
These 110 people get up every day to develop and build the best possible bikes, our only reason for being, that which motivates all our teams.
We hope that you will feel it when you get on the saddle of one of our bikes, for a simple test or to accompany you in everyday life.

Nothing would have been possible without the trust of our partners, suppliers, resellers and of course our users! Once again, thank you to everyone!!!
And more than ever, we are counting on you at the time when we restart our production.
To know more about the company history you can click here.

Remember that there’s always a good reason to wear the Moustache !

Enjoy, smile, leave the car in the garage, do sport, visit friends, explore, have fun, take care of the planet, go to work, make the most of life, smile more, don’t sweat, arrive on time, get within two minutes of a pro rider, go on a trip, (re)discover your town, be curious, ride more often, ride longer and further!

Which model to choose?

Each day of the week (or almost) has its Moustache!
You’ll find a series of videos below to help you understand all our model families from Lundi (Monday) to Dimanche (Sunday) and go to our website page for more information.

And if we stay in touch?

Don’t leave us so quickly, stay in touch!
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Where to buy your Moustache ?

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