• Picture x Moustache Bikes

    It’s a story of friends sharing the same values, “ride, explore & share” in a world where the car sits in the garage…

    23 September 2021
  • Jérôme Gilloux crowned UCI EMTB World Champion 2021

    Already twice vice-World Championships in 2019 and 2020, the Moustache rider had put in a huge amount of work this season with his sights set on the World Championships that he had so coveted. On Friday 27 August, on a circuit of Val di Sole (Italy) perfectly adapted for EMTB, mixing descents but also extremely technical climbs, the Moustache E-Team rider immediately took the lead on his Samedi 29 Trail 10 and never left it.

    11 September 2021
  • Lucas Beaufort’s very own « Petit Tour de France »

    Discover the limited series of 12 bikes created in collaboration with artist Lucas Beaufort and inspired by his very own “Petit Tour de France”. These unique creations are not only contemporary works of art but also road companions for your urban tours ;-{D.

    03 September 2021
  • Laure Boulleau, an all terrain ambassador!

    As at ease on a football pitch as on a Moustache bike ;-{D

    20 August 2021
  • Friends, Gravel, The Vosges

        Since this idea first came to mind, we couldn’t wait to put it into action and finally do this little point to point Gravel trip around the summit of Hohneck. Some time to put together the perfect team of motivated riders for this getaway on Dimanche 29s and to find the right weather window in a very temperamental summer, and we were (finally) ready to head off on this micro-adventure. The objectives of this expedition were relatively simple: spend two days on bikes, two days of sharing, of discovering Gravel for some and two days of fun for all! Christophe, with his intimate knowledge of the paths in the Les Vosges, concocted a wonderful loop for us with small tracks, panoramic roads and unusual experiences. Juliette, already an expert in E-MTB, came up from the Haute-Savoie to discover our beautiful Vosges landscapes. For Valentine, it was her first time on a Gravel bike and she started this trip with a mixture of apprehension and enthusiasm. Clément, for his part, rides a Dimanche 29.5 often in the Vosges and he was keen to discover this new route. To complete the team, Jérémie once again accompanied us in order to capture this “ebike-packing trip” on video!

    12 August 2021
  • Jérôme Gilloux | E-team

    Two-time French Champion and number two eMTB XC World Champion Jerôme Gilloux unveils his ambitions for 2021 as his season amazingly started with four victories in four races. The E-Team Moustache leader represents a generation of electric MTB riders who seek extreme fun, technical challenges and keep on pushing the limits. Get to know the leader of the E-Team Moustache in this video made in collaboration with Bosch eBikes. Follow Jérôme on Instagram: @jeromegilloux

    29 June 2021
  • Cycling & Cheese :-{D

    I’m done binge-watching and eating Häagen-Dazs, no more lazy mornings… I have been looking forward to finally getting out of my 10km-perimeter and enjoying the first days of Spring. Today’s goal is simple: go ride and take advantage of the bikes to escape the city, breathe pure air and contemplate the beautiful panoramas from the summits around Aix-les-Bains.

    03 June 2021
  • Samedi 29 Trail 8 awarded E-MTB of the year 2021

    Created in 1993 by the french magazine Vélo Vert, the election of the MTB of the year has become THE reference. The electric version has existed since 2017. The election is carried out in two phases, firstly a vote by Vélo Vert readers to choose the 5 brands that they want to see in the finals, then a riding test outdoors by a panel of readers chosen at random along with journalists from the magazine. Over two days of intensive riding, the bikes are pushed to their limits and tested in all situations. This award is especially valuable as it is the public who decide the best electric bike of the year completely independently. In the 4 years of the E-MTB election, Moustache has always finished on the podium. Our Trail is the ultimate do-it-all MTB, and so shone out in previous editions (3rd in 2017, 1st in 2018, and 2nd in 2019, 2020 election was cancelled). The Trail family perfectly incarnates the Moustache philosophy in terms of accessibility, performance, design, and of riding feel. We are immensely proud and grateful! Thanks to all for this incredible reward :-{D

    28 May 2021
  • From Snow to Sand…

    Whether it’s at the mountain, at the beach, on skis, on a surfboard or on a bike, the pleasure of riding is universal. Enjoy!

    17 March 2021
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