Friday 27 FS Speed

The Friday 27 FS Speed offers you an energy filled cocktail, full of fun, speed and longevity!
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J am not a bike but a brand-new day
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Samedi 27 Wide

See further and deeper! With the Samedi 27 Wide, what you previously thought impossible, becomes reality!
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Samedi 29 LTD

Our GAME & TRAIL may be our most recognized E-MTBs, but we wanted to go even further! The most technical and experienced riders can now feel the emotions known only to pro riders!
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Samedi 26 FAT 4

The rebel of the family, the Samedi 26 FAT 4 refuses to be pigeonholed. Its only objective is to explore the world, whether it's icy or hot terrain!
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Dimanche 29

Your ride is too monotonous? Vary the fun and take on the first track you find behind the bars of your Moustache Dimanche 29!
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Samedi 26/27 Off

Climb, descend, turn, have fun, or just ride enjoying nature!! The perfect plan for your ride today, tomorrow, the day after....
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Mercredi 12

Mercredi 12 is a bit of a special project: it was born by accident… but with the Moustache!
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