Samedi 27 X2 TRK

7 999 €

Samedi 27 X2 TRK

Sharing your passion, your emotions, sharing a moment, a new discovery, a trip, a nice area, simply sharing a moment of fun… the reason for being for our Tandem Samedi 27 X2.
7 999 €
* Generally observed price

* Generally observed price

Sharing your passion, your emotions, sharing a moment, a new discovery, a trip, a nice area, simply sharing a moment of fun… the reason for being for our Tandem Samedi 27 X2.

Features that will make you smile



6061 T4-T6 alloy - Extruded & hydroformed variable thickness tubes - rear motor - tapered headtube - 27.5 Plus - 12x148mm Boost


Moustache, alloy, 34.9mm


FSA, No 57B-1


SR Suntour, Aion 36, 140mm of travel, EQ RC-PCS cartridge with low-speed compression and rebound adjustment, 27.5 Plus, Boost, Q-lock 15mm


Bosch, Performance Line CX, 250W, Smart System, 85Nm


Bosch, PowerPack 545Wh, Smart System

Additionnal Battery

Bosch, PowerPack 545Wh, Smart System


Bosch, Purion 200, Smart System, compact, color screen, navigation, « Walk assist »


Bosch, 4Ah


Moustache, asymmetric, alloy 6061E, welded, double wall, 32 holes, 27.5", internal width 35mm

Front Hub

Moustache, 32H, 15x110mm, thru axle


Schwalbe, Super Moto-X, 27.5x2.40

Rear Hub

Moustache, 32H, 12x148mm, thru axle


Front: Moustache, 3D forged alloy, 65mm // Rear: Moustache, 3D forged alloy, adjustable 155/200mm


Front: Moustache, ergonomic, alloy, 760mm, 9° backsweep // Rear : Moustache, ergonomic, alloy, 680mm, 9° backsweep


Ergonomic, dual-density


Moustache, Ergonomic


Front: Moustache, alloy, 31.6mm, 350mm // Rear: Suntour NCX, suspension seatpost with 50mm of travel, parallelogram system 350mm x 27.2mm with 31.6mm adaptor


Shimano, CUES, CS-LG300 10-speed, 11-48T


Shimano, LG500, 130 links

Rear Derailleur

Shimano, CUES, RD-U6000-GS, 10/11-speed


Shimano, CUES, SL-U6000-10R, 10-speed


Tandem specific forged aluminum Moustache cranks, 170 mm, synchronized - Relay chainring narrow/wide 36 teeth


FSA, Narrow Wide, 34 teeth


alloy platform with reflectors

Front brake

Magura, MT5, hydraulic disc, 4 pistons

Front Rotor

Magura, Storm HC, 203mm

Rear Brake

Magura, MT5, hydraulic disc, 4 pistons

Rear Rotor

Magura, Storm HC, 203mm

Rear light

Spanninga, Presto2Guard, powered by main battery


Moustache, alloy, double wall design, w/alloy stays


Moustache, alloy, removable QL3 lateral fixation








ML (1,72 - 1,95m / 1,50 - 1,85m)


Electric Blue glossy


Maximum distance, calculated for two 70kg riders in ideal conditions. Estimate your battery range .


5 years frame and fork Moustache Bikes - 2 years motor, battery

Bosch Connect Module (BCM)

Bosch Connect Module (BCM) compatible, with eBike Alarm function


Other models

  • Color(s)

  • Motor / Battery

    Bosch Performance Line CX Smart System/2 x 545 Wh

  • Display

    Purion 200

  • Autonomy


  • Transmission

    Shimano CUES, 10-speed

7 999 €
  • Color(s)

  • Motor / Battery

    Bosch Performance Line CX Smart System/2 x 545 Wh

  • Display

    Purion 200

  • Range

    Up to 206 km*

  • Drivetrain

    Shimano CUES, 10-speed

  • Equipment

    Lights, luggage rack, mudguards that retain their shape

Advice on the range

How can I prevent corrosion on my Moustache ?

Moisture, dirt and salinity (whether from winter salt or sea air) are all detrimental to the preservation of your Moustache bike. That’s why it’s vital to clean your Moustache regularly and to protect all its components from corrosion:

  • Regular cleaning and lubrication of the chain: Clean the chain and lubricate it regularly. After riding in the rain, wipe it dry and apply a new lubricant.
  • Protection of electrical components: Do not leave your Moustache without a battery cover and connector cover to prevent moisture build-up.
  • 1 wash a week: We recommend cleaning your Moustache once a week to help keep your machine in good condition. Wash after outings in the rain or in dusty conditions, using lukewarm water and mild soap.
  • Insist on drying: Pay particular attention to the drying process: it is a crucial step in preventing corrosion of your EAB. A poorly dried bike can cause moisture to encrust its components.

By following these tips, you’ll effectively prevent corrosion on your Moustache bike, ensuring reliability and extending its lifespan! 🚴‍♂️✨


In the event of oxidation on your bike, we advise you to visit your nearest dealer so that he can check your bike so that you can enjoy your next outings.

How should I choose my Bosch battery?

The Bosch battery in your Moustache bike is essential, powering the motor to provide you with valuable assistance with every pedal stroke. It plays a crucial role in the bike’s range, which is influenced by factors such as riding conditions, rider profile and riding style. Moustache use exclusively Bosch batteries from 400Wh to 750Wh.

The choice of battery depends on the distance you cover each day and the type of terrain. For short journeys, a smaller battery may be sufficient, while longer distances would require 625 or 750Wh batteries. The gradient is also crucial, and a 400Wh battery may not be enough for steep inclines.

Load weight affects range. Carrying loads requires more energy. Managing assistance modes, with Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo levels, also has an impact on energy consumption. Judicious use of assistance levels and constant driving will maximise range.

By taking into account distance, altitude difference, loading weight and assistance modes, you can choose the ideal battery for your Moustache bike. Whether you’re an urbanite or an adventurer, the right battery will give you the best possible experience. Use the Bosch range calculator for an accurate simulation. Find out more about our range.

Where can I find the serial number on my Moustache ?

Need to find your bike’s serial number?

If your dealer or your insurance company asks you for the serial number of your EAB but you’re having trouble finding it, Moustache offers you a guide to help you find it ;-{D

Where can I find the serial number on a Moustache Bikes electric bike?

This number begins with the letter H and is followed by numbers and letters (example: H3EVM08928). This number may also appear on your purchase invoice. Please contact your authorised dealer for more information.

On bikes fitted with the Bosch Smart System and bikes produced in 2023 : The serial number is located under the down tube near the head tube, a QR code is present in the same place.

Please note that the number on the rear triangle does not correspond to the bike’s serial number, but to the serial number of the part in question.


On other models: The number can be located on the frame, at the rear of the seat tube between the engine and the rear wheel.

What is a serial number used for ?

A unique number that you can use to identify your bike in the event of loss or theft, or to contact our technical support team. You can also use this number to take out bike insurance or to register your bike in the virtual garage on our website and obtain a 5-year extended warranty. Here’s the link to register your bike and benefit from this extended warranty.

Fraud alert !

We are a victim of fraud organised by multiple fake Moustache Bikes pages on Facebook.

The one and only official Moustache Bikes page is this one:

We have already taken the necessary steps to have the various pages closed, but this reporting operation is taking a long time with Facebook.

We invite you not to share this game and to report this page to Facebook.

To do this, just click on the “…” under the cover banner and then click on “report” at the bottom.

Thank’s in advance for your help ;-{D

Where can I test a Moustache ?

Testing a Moustache bike couldn’t be easier, just visit our TEST & SMILE platform, where you can easily locate the test bikes available from Moustache retail outlets taking part in the programme.

You can also meet us throughout the year at various test events on our Test & Smile tour, the dates and towns of which can be found on our Fabebook page or on our website.

Where can I buy a Moustache bike?

You will find a list of authorised Moustache dealers local to you on this page. It couldn’t be simpler: all you need to do is enter your town and post code! ;-{D

How much does a Moustache weigh?

The weight of our Moustache bikes varies depending on the model and configuration. We understand that weight can be an important factor in choosing your new bike.

You’ll find this information at the bottom of our product pages in the “specifications” section, which corresponds to an average weight recorded on our M size frames, including battery and without pedals. The weights shown may therefore vary slightly (+/- 5%) depending on the size of the frame and the various product specifications.

At Moustache, we strive to design bikes that offer an optimal balance between lightness, durability and handling.

If you have specific questions about the weight of a particular model, or if you need help choosing the bike that best suits your needs, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts and authorised dealers. We’re here to guide you in your choice and ensure a top-notch riding experience! 🚴‍♂️✨

Which size should I choose?

For the best cycling experience, choosing the right size is the first step. Keep calm ! At Moustache, we understand the importance of comfort when cycling. That’s why, to meet the needs of every body type, our models are available in 4 different sizes: S, M, L and XL.

On each product page, in the “geometry” section, you’ll find the sizes recommended by Moustache for the specific model. This information helps you make an informed decision based on your body shape and riding preferences.

What do I do if I fall between two sizes?

If you find yourself between two sizes and you’re not sure, the first thing that will steer you towards one model or another will be your inseam and your preferences. To be sure of your choice, don’t hesitate to contact an authorised Moustache retailer.

Our partners are trained to offer you personalised advice based on your size, bike configuration and individual preferences !

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