Mardi 27

The urban bike that makes your daily life easier

Mardi 27, it’s the bike that understands your daily life!It understands your need for comfort and wants you to smile on all your rides, whether long or short.
It understands all your practical needs. It adjusts to your anatomy, adapts to every corner of the city, from the most beautiful paths to bumpy roads, including cobblestones.

The bike that understands your everyday life

It’s the bike that understands your daily life!It understands your need for comfort and wants you to smile on all your rides, whether long or short.
It understands all your practical needs. It adjusts to your anatomy, adapts to every corner of the city, from the most beautiful paths to bumpy roads, including cobblestones.
With carefully selected equipment to face all the uncertainties of the day!
It understands that the only thing you should have to worry about on your ride is your helmet ;-{D
Armed to the teeth against theft, it’s also designed for easy daily maintenance.

Finally, it understands your desire to support short supply chains and encourage the creation of local and sustainable employment: with its German drive system, its frame made in Portugal and the complete assembly of the bike carried out by Moustache in France, Mardi 27 is a true European citizen!

At your service for your comfort

With its adjustable position, Mardi 27 adapts to your anatomy and needs thanks to an adjustable stem: opt for an upright position or a more dynamic one. Its ergonomic Moustache handlebar provides a comfortable grip, regardless of your style of riding. And it comes in 3 sizes (S, M or L) for cyclists from 1.49 m to 1.90 m.
Its SR Suntour suspension fork smoothly absorbs all the road’s imperfections. Whether it’s the XCM version offering 80 mm of travel (on Mardi 27.4) or the Mobie 25 offering up to 100 mm of travel (on Mardi 27.6), you can adjust its hardness and lock it according to your needs.
For the saddle, Mardi 27 features an Essenza Moderate model, the best compromise between pedalling efficiency without overheating and universal comfort that adapts to both women and men. Add to that a seatpost offering up to 40 mm of travel to gently cushion your seating and you’ll feel like you’re riding on a cloud.
Finally, its 27.5’’ urban Schwalbe Super Moto-X tyres are as comfortable as they are high-performing and durable. Thanks to their wide 2.4’’ section, they won’t get stuck in tram tracks!


Its open frame is easy for everyone to step over, making it easy to get on and off the bike even with an elegant outfit, with a child seated at the back or if you’re as flexible as a wooden stick ;-{D This high-quality frame provides exemplary stiffness thanks to the triple-chamber diagonal tube – Moustache’s specialty – ensuring your safety and manoeuvrability!

Mardi understands that you don’t want to think too much about shifting and offers you two internal gear hubs:

Nexus 5 + chain (on Mardi 27.4)
Perfectly suited to daily urban use with little elevation, the Nexus 5 hub assembly offers simple and intuitive usage thanks to its rotary handle that allows for easy shifting, even when stationary. This system requires very little maintenance, provides true ease of use (especially when removing your rear wheel) and great durability over time!

Enviolo + Gates belt (on Mardi 27.6)
The Enviolo hub allows for extremely simple gear shifting, even while stationary, and even if you’re not in the right gear, simply by turning the handle progressively. You can change gears while pedalling, so there’s no need to worry about that. And it even allows you to climb the steepest hills with ease!
In combination with the ultra-smooth and completely silent Gates belt, it reduces maintenance to the minimum, without any lubrication needed since there is no risk of rust or wear – even in the most extreme winter conditions. The lifespan of the belt is two to three times longer than that of a traditional chain!
So relax, you can think about other things ;-{D

Leading the way in security!

Mardi 27 understands your concerns about the risk of theft.
That’s why it comes with a built-in AXA Block horseshoe lock, thoughtfully designed to quickly lock your bike with the turn of a key for those quick stops. And what’s more, it’s compatible with an AXA Plug In chain, allowing you to secure your bike if you need to be away for a longer period.
The Moustache Code is an inviolable label containing a unique identification number (and QR code), paired with the bike’s serial number. In addition to deterring thieves by making the bike identifiable worldwide, it also makes it easy to find the owner anonymously thanks to your Moustache account!
The Bosch ConnectModule, fitted as standard on Mardi 27.6, is a discreetly integrated GPS tracker located within the bike’s frame. It opens up the doors to the eBike Lock and eBike Alarm features, allowing you to remotely lock the motor of your bike, track its location at any time and receive alerts if it is moved without your knowledge. Smart, don’t you think? ;-{D

Packed with practical solutions

The rear luggage rack with QL3 and MIK HD mounting standards allows for easy attachment of all types of compatible accessories such as panniers, a basket or even a baby seat (up to 27 kg) – all securely and reliably!
The SmartphoneGrip comes standard on Mardi 27.6 to allow you to quickly attach your smartphone to the handlebars of your bike. Enjoy GPS navigation and use your favourite apps; your phone charges while you ride (wirelessly or via a cable). Also, take advantage of the extended visualisation of your riding data with the Bosch eBike Flow app.
Mardi 27 thinks of everything, even the protective cover to spare you from dirt!
On Mardi 27.4, the cover protects your chain and the bottom of your trousers from mud.
On Mardi 27.6, the cover is still there to prevent you from getting your fabulous bell-bottom trousers caught in the belt ;-{D
And, of course, you’ll also find the famous Moustache key features that make all the difference:
• Moustache tubular mudguards, rigid, robust and always well-positioned above the wheel.
• Asymmetric Moustache rims offering balanced spoke tension. With their anti-loosening nuts, your wheels will stay perfectly aligned for a very long time.
• Powerful lighting at the front and rear, connected to the battery, with controls directly on the handlebars.

3 699 €
  • Color(s)

  • Motor / Battery

    Bosch Performance Line / PowerTube 500 or 625Wh

  • Display

    Purion 200

  • Autonomy

    115km or 146km

  • Transmission

    Nexus 5 + chain

  • Fork

    SR Suntour XCM, 80mm travel

4 799 €
  • Color(s)

  • Motor / Battery

    Bosch Performance Line / PowerTube 625Wh / Smart System

  • Display

    Purion 200

  • Autonomy


  • Transmission

    Enviolo + Gates belt

  • Fork

    SR Suntour Mobie 25, 100mm travel

  • Frame Lock

    Integrated into the frame, Axa Block +
    Bosch ConnectModule GPS tracker


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