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About My Moustache Bike

What about security for my Moustache bike?

There are many solutions on the market to secure the various components of your bike (saddle, wheels, etc.) if you need to park it outside. Depending on how you use your bike, you can equip yourself with accessories to prevent (or delay) your bike being dismantled. This, for example, is what the solutions from Zefal and Abus offer. Please do not hesitate to ask your dealer, who will be able to advise you on the best solutions for your bike.

Our Moustache bikes are not yet equipped with a built-in geolocation system, and that’s for several reasons: our partner, Bosch, does not currently offer any solution of this type, and their motors do not allow location systems external to the motor to be powered. In our opinion, there is not yet a 100% reliable technology solution on the market to date that allows you to find a stolen bike (the accuracy of most systems is insufficient in towns in particular, and even useless if the bike is in a cellar or on the second floor of a building). There is also no ‘universal’ system that works in France and abroad, so the system would have to be adapted for each country where our bikes are sold, which is impossible for our company to manage at this stage. Finally, we do not want to impose a tracking system on our users, which would involve a significant additional cost which is not justified or necessary for everyone.

Nevertheless, we are well aware of the issues and the increasingly frequent thefts of electric bikes despite the existence of serial and registration numbers, etc. Our team is working closely with our partner on a medium-term solution that will allow Moustache users to secure their bikes better.

Please contact a Moustache dealer near you who will be able to advise you on the best accessories that are compatible with your bike and share with you any feedback as a dealer. You will find a list of stores closest to you here.

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