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About My Moustache Bike

Moustache Code, what is it ?

It’s a temper-proof sticker containing a unique ID (Format: “MC12345678) paired to the bike’s serial number. It is placed as follows on all “J” bikes.

What benefits for the bike owners?

Only 5% of stolen bikes are returned to their owners because they cannot be identified. This innovation makes it easy to find the owner of a bike if it was previously registered in a Moustache account by its owner!

  • Easy recovery: Any well-intentioned individual, who finds a bike, can contact the owner anonymously by scanning the QR code. This messaging feature is only available after the owner reports his bike as stolen from his/her Moustache account. (Hence the need to register bikes on our website)
  • International: Scan the QR code to read the bike’s status (Inactive, in service, Lost/Stolen, for sale), anywhere in the world
  • Secure: When reselling the bike, the seller can prove ownership by changing the bike’s status to “FOR SALE”. The buyer can then scan the QR Code to read the bike’s public status.

All is not lost if your bike is stolen!

Because we know that every cyclist’s nightmare is to have their companion stolen! Moustache is redoubling its efforts to find solutions to ensure that your precious bike remains in your possession. In the event of theft or loss, anyone who finds a Moustache bike can send an anonymous message to its owner by scanning the QR code displayed on the label.

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