Design & Innovation Award 2021 :
Moustache grabs another “Oscar”!!

The Samedi 29 Game 10 won a Design & Innovation Award.

Organized since 2012, the Design & Innovation Award (DI.A) brings together around thirty independent professionals from the cycling world to reward the most successful products in the world of cycling each year.

The international jury, made up of journalists, engineers and testers, evaluates all the entries and submits them to the test before making its final judgement. The impartiality and seriousness with which the tests are conducted, as well as the profiles of the jury members, make the DI.A one of the most prestigious awards in the cycling world.

Following previous DI.A titles with the Samedi 27 Race 9 back in 2017 and the Samedi 27 Trail 10 last year, Moustache continues to push the boundaries of eMTB development and proves one more time its expertise !

Needless to say we are super proud! ;-{D

Here is what the DI.A jury said about the Samedi 29 Game 10:

“First things first: the suspension of the Moustache Samedi 29 Game 10 is a true masterpiece! But it doesn’t end there.

With the Samedi 29 Game 10, Moustache have created an all-round eMTB with a good-natured character that makes it well suited to riders of all abilities and that isn’t overwhelmed by demanding trails.

The handling exhibits well-balanced weight distribution between the front and rear and the suspension concept stands out with the Magic Grip shock that Moustache developed themselves. The suspension performance is a masterstroke: grip, support and progression are all phenomenal.

The ebike shines with riding comfort and traction whether you’re riding actively or not, at high speeds and low speeds, and delivers plenty of fun whatever your ability. Moustache go their own way with the distinctive design and individual motor integration, garnering a lot of praise from the award jury.”

You can read the report about the Samedi 29 Game 10 on the DI.A website =>

19 January 2021



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