Cycling & Cheese :-{D

The lockdown has been lifted… Let’s go for a ride in the Alps :-{D

I’m done binge-watching and eating Häagen-Dazs, no more lazy mornings… I have been looking forward to finally getting out of my 10km-perimeter and enjoying the first days of Spring. Today’s goal is simple: go ride and take advantage of the bikes to escape the city, breathe pure air and contemplate the beautiful panoramas from the summits around Aix-les-Bains.

Snow is still sitting on the surrounding peaks but the roads are now open and already calling us. Let’s go! I called Thibault to meet me by the Bourget lake. Our legs did not spin much over the last few months but elevation should not be a problem since we are riding our Moustache eRoad bikes, Dimanche 28.
It’s quite early but we are in a great mood even though the weather is still chilly, especially by the lake where the humidity is high! The sun slowly starts showing up as we are passing through Aix-les-Bains’ old town. The city is now behind us, we’ve warmed up and we now enjoy the views above the first laces of the hill.

We quickly gain elevation and slopes are already strong with some 9% incline sections. Our Dimanche 28 bikes allow us to climb smoothly without wasting too much energy uphill. The fun is at its peak with these bikes. Talking about fun, we’re now stopping in the village of Trévignin perched on the heights of Aix-les-Bains with breathtaking views over the lake. Time to load the musette bag with local products. Cheese lovers will recognize the Abondance cheese which is made locally. Time to get back in the saddle! Riding bikes does not mean we have to only eat cereal bars and drink energy gels, especially with ebikes ;-{D

On the way to our picnic spot, we have to climb Mont Revard’s 1538m of altitude. Located on the northern foothills of the Bauges massif, it overlooks the region of Aix-les-Bains and the Bourget lake. About 20km later, we arrive at a small ski resort. At the end of the road, we reach the summit where the view is amazing! In front of us stands the chain of the Alps, the Mont-Blanc summit, and the Bourget lake.

We find a sweet spot to park our bikes and enjoy our lunch break. We’ll spare you the details of the meal… you might get hungry just by reading these lines! Once we are done eating, we now have some fun riding times ahead of us with the downhill track to the lake.

By the way, here is the GPX track, if you ever are in the area and want to enjoy the local playground as well! Hope you’ve enjoyed this quick break away from the city.

03 June 2021

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