eMOTION in Aveyron

In mid-summer, we headed out for a weekend with our colleagues (it was for work), in the Aveyron in France.

The reason behind this little trip is the release of our new TRAIL for which we wanted to get some images. As its name suggests, it’s our new e-bike for riding on… trails! Bingo. So, we decided to head south for warmer climes to explore the terrain around Millau.

We got in touch with Paul Gayral who is the founder and guide for Enduro Session. Involved and very active in the creation and the upkeep of trails around Millau, Paul is a local, born and bred in the area, who knows the surrounding trails like the back of his hand and always has a smile on his face.

Before going into the weekend’s plan, maybe we should tell you a thing or two about our choice of Millau. For those that don’t know it, Millau is THE region of l’Aligot (a dish of cheese blended into mashed potatoes) and of Roquefort cheese. As well as these gastronomic specialties, the region is known for its great natural terrain that’s perfect for outdoor sports. A real paradise for paragliders and climbers, the Aveyron is also an exceptional playground for MTB fans.

The weekend’s menu
This type of adventure, is just like cooking a recipe, we need all the right ingredients to rustle up a tasty dish: a good spot, good bikes, a good ride, a good atmosphere and as a bonus good food. The ingredients are all there, there’s no longer any doubt, it’s time to go for it!

The two-day programme took in some of the best trails in the area. First thing in the morning, the temperature was already 25 degrees, suffice to say the day was looking hot, and so were we, as we’re used to the cooler climes of the Vosges.

We parked on the Larzac plains before dropping down into the Gorges de la Dourbie heading towards Roque-Sainte-Marguerite. The advantage of an ebike is that you can pedal everything, which is a real bonus when there is no bus and you have a series of climb-descends, again and again. After a good ride in the morning, it’s time for a quick break. The group stopped in the village to eat another local specialty. Somewhere between an omelette and a pancake, the pascade is the ideal dish to get back in the saddle!

It’s time for another tour! At the beginning of the afternoon there was blazing sun, we took advantage of a short canoe crossing to have a quick dip before calling it a day, and what an amazing day.

In the evening we decided to camp out high up. A meal between friends with good local products and an incredible view of the stars; if that’s not a highly starred hotel, what is?!

The temperature has dropped, the fatigue of the day starts to be felt, we get into the tent to recharge our batteries ready for tomorrow…

The second day is just as spectacular. We are going to ride in the Causse Noir traversing the Chaos de Montpellier-le-Vieux, this extraordinary cluster of limestone rocks that the rain water loads with carbonic acid when in contact with the air, and has therefore shaped it over the centuries. Corentin and Gaëlle are dazzled by what they see, they could be in a Western.

At the end of the afternoon, we finish with the famous Boundoulaou descent, ridden by the world’s very best mountain bikers during the Enduro World Series in Millau. A last stop to take in the stunning view of the viaduct and the weekend is already over.

The route home is the hardest bit, the traffic is showing up red for congestion, and above all we’d prefer to stay a little longer to ride on these trails! Riding in this region is a real disconnection, the nature is both wild and preserved. We discovered landscapes so different from those of which we are used to. It’s the ideal recipe for riding, with singletracks, berms galore, technical rocky sections but also fast flowy parts… everything needed to be completely satisfied! One thing is sure, we’ll return for our holidays 😉

26 April 2022



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