A 100% electric brand!

E-bikes as a solution for the future?

At Moustache Bikes we believe this, for 10 years this conviction is what drives us and motivates us every day to develop innovative products!

To this day Moustache has created over 140 direct jobs! And in the end, this is what we are most proud of! These 140 people who get up every day to develop and construct the best possible bikes, our only reason for being, that which motivates all our teams.

New infrastructure

The 1st of January 2019 marked a new page, our little factory in the Vosges moved to a new bigger site in order to offer a better working environment, that’s more modern and more fulfilling. This new infrastructure also enables us to increase our production capacity in order to respond to the growing appetite for e-bikes.

New line of production for our Moustache wheels

Looking to bring always more added value and local know-how in our bikes, our teams work tirelessly to improve our quality process and our production tools. A new line of production for our Moustache wheels came to light in 2020 in order to master the quality of our products from start to finish, and above all to create expertise in this profession locally.

We hope that you will feel the passion that we put into the development and the production of our bikes when you get behind the handlebar of a Moustache, for a simple test or to accompany you every day.
Nothing would be possible without the trust of our partners, suppliers, stockists and of course our users! Once again, thanks to everyone!!!


Ahhhhhh the famous Moustache handlebar... the basis of everything!


The most important part of a bike is its frame and we therefore pay very special attention to its conception.

Technologie guidon Flexbar

The handlebar that filters vibrations!



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