Artist series : "Enjoy the Machines"

Limited to 100 pieces, the Sakew x Moustache balance bike is a co-produced limited edition where each copy is signed and numbered by French artist Sakew.

Portrait of Loïck Gravier aka Sakew.

Loïck is an artist native of Epinal (Vosges, France). After studying sociology, he became a full-time painter.
Fascinated since his childhood by animals, the world of machines and Manga-style drawings, he later discovered Graffiti and made his debut in 2011.
In 2013 Loïck started signing his art under the name Sakew.
The artist developed amazing skills in spray paint art and participated in the creation of the Friday Bosch 10th anniversary project in collaboration with Vince, another French artist native from our beautiful region.

When Science-Fiction meets Art

Sakew is a self-made artist whose universe is heavily influenced by his interest in science-fiction and the urban world surrounding him.

The drawing as an expression of childhood dreams

The unique drawings of this balance bike are a wink to the imaginary world of childhood. A universe born from the pencil strokes, in which everyday objects come to life and tell their stories. This bike speaks to our inner child :-{D

Enjoy the Machines: a limited edition of 100 pieces

As a final touch to this unique Mercredi 12 edition, Sakew has hand-signed and numbered each of the 100 pieces. The creations will be available for Christmas.

For the kids

As a bonus, we organize a contest that is exclusively available in stores to get a nice Enjoy the Machines t-shirt* (size 3-4 years for children only).
The rules of the game: using a printed card of the artist’s drawing, find and color a series of fun objects hidden by Sakew into his work.
Hurry up, get to your local dealer participating in the operation and grab pens! ;-{D

*While stocks last.

06 December 2021

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