Lundi 20 Cargo

Juggle the daily
Lundi 20 Cargo
now starting from €4,499 

Lundi 20

and its many accessories have been designed for those who lead busy, active lives and to tackle everyday conundrums with remarkable efficiency and agility! 

Dropping the kids off at school, heading to a meeting, to the office, picking up a package, having lunch with friends, returning to the office, attending an exhibition, shopping for an evening aperitif…

all accomplished at lightning speed and with a smile!

Lundi 20 Cargo
has a trick
or two up its sleeve!


Hop on the Lundi 20 Cargo! With its elongated luggage rack, it is capable of accommodating one adult or one or two children, school bags, a cello, the weekly shopping… and the smiles of the entire family! With its total load capacity of up to 200 kg, you can effortlessly transport everything you need!

Easy, adaptable, versatile!

Easily tailor your bike to suit your daily needs with our extensive range of compatible accessories. The extra-long luggage rack, featuring a double standard MIK HD and QL3, enables you to effortlessly mount accessories such as baby or child seats, cushions, baskets and more in no time. When it comes to the ALBERT protection bar, it not only keeps your children safe once they are seated but also facilitates the installation of a Euro standard crate and nearly any type of package with the optional Mario bar, offering you a multitude of possibilities!


The spacious optional Clementine bags can accommodate nearly as much as the boot of a small car. Once securely fastened to your luggage rack, there’s no need to remove them when not in use. Simply fold them up when they are empty. 


Whether you’re 1.57 m or 1.90 m, you’ll be sitting comfortably on the Lundi 20 Cargo, thanks to its tailored geometry and the famous Moustache handlebar. The dropper seatpost, adjustable from the handlebar, not only allows you to place your feet firmly on the ground when stopping but also facilitates seat height adjustments for seamless transitions between users! ;-{D


Featuring two small 20” tyres and a total length of just 185 cm, this cargo bike stands out as one of the most compact options on the market, all while offering an impressive load capacity! No larger than a standard bicycle, it navigates even the narrowest of streets with ease and conveniently fits into bike storage rooms or basements. And if space is limited, it can even be stored vertically!

The Lundi 20 Cargo
has got you covered!
(and everything that matters
most to you) ;-{D

Precise and reassuring

The frame design featuring triple-cavity tubes ensures unparalleled safety, providing excellent handling and precise, reassuring behaviour, even when children are fidgeting around at the back! On that note, the rear is also reinforced to support up to 70 kg with ease.


The ALBERT protection bar is securely attached to the luggage rack and protects your children in all circumstances. Moreover, it features rounded protrusions at the corners to protect passengers’ hands if you happen to scrape against a wall.


The specialised rear mudguard completely covers the top portion of the rear wheel, ensuring complete safety! Similarly, the drivetrain is concealed behind a protective casing for added safety. No risk of getting your feet, fingers or straps caught! The cables are also integrated into the handlebar, enhancing the clean aesthetic while primarily safeguarding them and preventing entanglement when loading your basket. The rear light, with intensity variation, will let those behind you know that you are breaking thanks to the ultra-powerful disc brakes!

Agile and stable

The Lundi 20 Cargo is agile at low speeds, making it easy to navigate the urban jungle, and stable at high speeds for zipping along in complete safety. Thanks to its frame architecture and small 20” wheels, it maintains a very low centre of gravity. The Lundi 20 Cargo is also very stable when stopped, courtesy of its specialised kickstand. Large and deliberately positioned at the rear of the bike, it provides unparalleled stability when loading and unloading. Your children can climb aboard without risking any mishaps!


The famous Moustache handlebar offers a more natural hand position and a straighter riding posture for optimal comfort! Forget about neck aches – this is the ideal bike for seeing what lies ahead of you! Its high-volume tyres help to absorb bumps on the ground and protect your derriere ;-{D

Lundi 20 Cargo

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