The most important part of a bike is its frame and we therefore pay very special attention to its conception.

Whether it is for urban, hybrid, road, MTB usage or a child, Moustache offers a structured range of 14 families covering all needs with a wide choice of parts and of prices.

All our models correspond to a usage depending on your needs, but all equally possess the ingredients which make up the DNA of our bikes: a high end frame, that’s stiff and reassuring to provide a safe and dynamic ride, a comfortable position, a Bosch motor with economical energy use, natural, supple and powerful, a large autonomy thanks to the 400 to 625Wh batteries and practical accessories.

Our only objective is to see your face lit up with a wide smile and to know you are taking pleasure in munching up the kilometers.

All this is signified by our slogan « Smiling Machine » !

« Nice frame ! We could display it on the wall,
but we designed it to be ridden ;-{D »

The most important part of a bike is its frame and we therefore pay very special attention to its conception.
We want to offer frames that are open and accessible! Open to offer a natural and comfortable riding position, and accessible to open up riding to as many as possible.

Here are several characteristics you’ll find in all Moustache bikes:
• Geometries that always favor a bike that’s agile and easy to use from the start.
• Usage of aeronautical quality hydroformed aluminum 6061 T4, T6 tubes with varying thickness offering dynamism and comfort.
• A discretely integrated Bosch motor and battery, lowering as far as possible the bike’s center of gravity, offering great stability.
• Two versions for some models: a “standard” version and an “Open” version offering a low step-over frame, in order to make our bikes more accessible.
• And for a beautiful finish, double Tig welds that are polished everywhere it’s possible.

Bosch motor: it's partly thanks to this
that your rides become so fantastic!!

To obtain the best possible feeling ride from our bikes, we use three different technologies.
Each of these enable a discrete integration of the motor and the battery.

Hidden Power Technology

For this project, the challenge was to not only integrate the battery, but to also minimise the volume. We had to optimize each angle, each fillet, each millimeter. We had to push past the limits of hydroforming techniques by increasing the pressure beyond what’s possible in order to controle each cm² of tube: the result was increased stiffness and a perfect integration of the battery, giving it also a highly finished look.

The frame conception and in particular that of the down tube bring great stiffness and strength to the frame. It’s thanks to the sides and edges of the tube aswell as the optimized cutting, reduced as far as possible, that we obtain this positive result. You will find Hidden Power technology on our Friday 28, Dimanche 28 & Dimanche 29 models.

Integrated PowerTube Technology

Hydroformed tubes house

The hydroformed tubes house the battery aesthetically, minimising volumes to achieve a sleek look. Specific work was carried out to position the battery as low as possible. The battery is therefore placed close to the motor to guarantee an extremely low center of gravity, assuring a dynamic ride.

By associating triple cavity tubes with our Integrated PowerTube technology, we were able to increase the stiffness of our frames even when removing the top tube from certain models in order to offer an “Open” version. This enables us to make frames that are even lower and even more open, which means that it is even easier to get on and off the bike! We have also simplified cable routing for easier maintenance.
The Integrated PowerTube technology is on all our E-MTBs, Lundi 27, Samedi 28 (except Samedi 28.1), Samedi 27 Xroad and Xroad FS, aswell as on the Friday 27 FS Speed.

Bosch PowerTube battery

The Bosch PowerTube battery is available in vertical or horizontal versions depending on the motor. The vertical version of the PowerTube enables the frame to be reinforced with a triple cavity tube and an easy access to the battery which can be removed from the top of the frame. The horizontal version available with the Bosch Performance CX motor is removed from the underside of the frame, enabling a more refined silhouette for the bike, and a perfect balance of weight close to the motor.
The Bosch PowerTube 400/500Wh & 625Wh batteries are not the same length… So that is not a problem, we have created a Moustache adaptor so that you are able to change between these! Adding this adaptor permits an easy change between batteries of the same type (horizontal or vertical), and to change without problem from a 500Wh battery to 625Wh for example. Therefore all our frames conceived for the PowerTube are compatible with 400, 500 or 625Wh batteries. A little plus, the specific form of the adaptor permits an easier hold on the battery while manipulating it.

Bosch DualBattery Technology

Top tube with a new version

To equipe our new WEEKEND with the Bosch DualBattery technology, we have worked on the frame by replacing the top tube with a new version, offering the necessary space to house 500Wh more.

Center of gravity

We have slightly modified the steering angle and optimized the position of the center of gravity so that our Weekend 27 FS offers you a ride that’s as fun, dynamic and precise, even with an extra battery!

Integrated magnet and captor for precise speed data!

On some models, we have developed a specific frame dropout that enables the integration of a speed captor. Functioning with the magnet that is mounted directly on the rear disc brake, this solution avoids any rotation or loss of the magnet, and guarantees more precise speed data. Discrete and efficient.

Quick-Park stem

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A 100% electric brand!

E-bikes as a solution for the future? At Moustache Bikes we believe this, for 10 years this conviction is what drives us and motivates us every day to



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