Behind this name are hidden many years of riding, testing, intensive hours of development in order to finally get to this magic moment when everything functions perfectly.

We needed an umpteenth version of our piston that controls the rebound on our shock to finally obtain the level of traction needed to give the impression that an extra hand is pushing you up the climbs!

A perfect harmony between the suspension and the motor, therefore avoiding the “gaps” in assistance when the suspension sags excessively, and guaranteeing unbelievable motor function.
MAGIC, we said it ;-{D

Benefiting from a Trunion standard mount, the air volume of our shocks could therefore be increased and the upper attachment is now mounted on bearings. This results in better sensitivity on small shocks and more progressivity in order to keep an extremely dynamic ride.
Our objective was to guarantee an optimal balance for the bike in tackling obstacle after obstacle, to keep it grounded even on the steepest climbs and to guarantee rear wheel grip when climbing and descending.
In fact, depending on the intensity of shocks, instead of passing only via the rebound needle, the oil pressure will more or less open the high speed circuit valves and dynamically regulate the rebound. It results in a more constant pressure of the tire on the ground giving insane grip for the rear wheel, when climbing and descending. The oscillations of the bike are better managed, it is more balanced and the grip for the front wheel is far improved!
The circulation of oil generated enables evacuation of heat, to maintain a reasonable functioning temperature and optimal work by the shock.

A multi-faceted shock

Similar on the outside, our Magic Grip Control shock is offered in 4 versions which are subtly different inside to adapt perfectly to each riding style and in order to balance as well as possible our chassis according to the front suspension used or wheel size!

Friday 27 FS Speed / Samedi 27 Xroad

100mm of travel and a smooth functioning that gives the impression you’re riding a flying carpet! Sensitive on small shocks to bring comfort and protect your back from bad vibrations, it smooths out bumps on the ground to make your rides more fluid.

Samedi 27 Wide / Weekend

This version offers you 120mm of travel, that’s perfectly used! Ultra sensitive, the shock offers comfort and grip on all terrain, with disconcerting ease. And how amazing to feel big shocks gently cushioned with this feeling that it’s always there for you!

Samedi 29 Trail

So many changes for our 2021 Trail! A new balance, 29” wheels and the formidable efficiency of the new Fox forks have driven our Magic Grip Control shock in its 150mm version to re-invent itself to offer ever more high performance, all whilst keeping its “Smiling Machine” soul! Comfortable and easy, it still offers the feeling that there’s a helping hand on your back pushing you up the most difficult climbs.

Samedi 29 Game

It’s not easy to achieve the same level of performance when we’re working with the new Fox 38 fork! And yet, the Magic Grip Control 160 mm shock manages to guarantee an optimal balance for the bike in tackling obstacle after obstacle, to keep it grounded even on the steepest climbs and to guarantee rear wheel grip when climbing and descending, offering the Game a staggering level of performance!

A 100% electric brand!

E-bikes as a solution for the future? At Moustache Bikes we believe this, for 10 years this conviction is what drives us and motivates us every day to


The most important part of a bike is its frame and we therefore pay very special attention to its conception.


Since the beginning, we have been convinced that a good e-bike is not just about the frame and motor.


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